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MasterClass Debut in JAPAN with Manga Series "STREETxBEAST"!!!

SMA Editorial Dept. SMA Editorial Dept. 20/10/2022 7 min read

Brazilian and Indonesian MasterClass series debut in Japan! Today marks a BIG day for the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® international community! MasterClass members Ichirou, Roberto F., and Vanilla have debuted in Japan with the webtoon style manga series STREETxBEAST: a high-school action story about the passion for 3×3 (three-ex-three) basketball!

A high school 3×3 basketball action story The story follows high school student Kanna, a rising E-sports star, and Eight, who used to be at the top of the 3×3 basketball world. One day, Kanna receives mysterious glasses that help her synchronize with other people and control them like virtual players. It’s then that Kanna realizes this just might be the key to help her troubled, estranged childhood friend Eight who lives next door. Genre-wise, STREETxBEAST is a mix of sports and action with sci-fi elements. The sport the characters play, 3×3 basketball, is a street-type basketball which only just debuted at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Available digitally all over Japan Released on all major Japanese digital manga platforms such as Line Manga and Piccoma on October 20th, STREETxBEAST marks the long-awaited SMA MasterClass series debut in Japan. The series is produced by YKBK Thailand Co., Ltd, in collaboration with BS-TBS Inc., Creative Board Inc., and COAMIX Inc., with art production by MasterClass members Ichirou, Roberto F., and Vanilla. The series is scheduled to be updated every week!

10 years of silent manga… The series debut aligns with the 10th year anniversary of SMA, and what better way to celebrate than by having its MasterClass members debut in Japan? From silent manga to a full-colored webtoon series – this international group is working hard to deliver a story about loyalty, friendship, and all the joys and sorrows of growing up. 

…to an internationally created webtoon series! Though the webtoon release is initially scheduled to take off on Japanese platforms only, the production of the work is more international than you think! Cooperation is definitely surpassing the boundaries of world time zones as it connects Japan, Thailand, Brazil, and Indonesia! COAMIX’s cooperation includes our ZENON Editorial Department HQ in Tokyo, the SMA Editorial Department HQ here at the Artists Village Aso 096k in Takamori, and our professional advisors. You can be sure that it’s not an easy task to coordinate everything, but we are humbled to see the fruits of the MasterClass members’ labor!

Exclusively for our readers, we asked the art creators for a short message about their work and their feelings about debuting:

Ichirou (Brazil): “It’s been a very challenging project, and I feel very glad and privileged to be part of a creative team with people that I admire so much. Hope the readers find joy reading it!” 


Roberto F. (Brazil): A true adventure, and I wish the readers find that adventure by immersing themselves in the world of Eight and Kanna.


Vanilla (Indonesia): We are really grateful for the opportunity and to be able to work together with amazing people who we learned from and improved our skills. And lastly, we hope the readers will enjoy the story! Thank you!


Curious how Kanna plans to help Eight climb to the top of the 3×3 basketball world again? Check out STREETxBEAST on Line Manga and Piccoma! We’ve also prepared an exclusive preview for you with Eight in action!

Want to debut in Japan, too? Take the first step by joining our current round, SMA19, and show that you have what it takes to join the MasterClass community and the Japanese manga world!

SMA Editorial Dept.

SMA Editorial Dept.