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Mayuna Mizutani Mayuna Mizutani 05/03/2018 9 min read
<Characters> Penmaru Is a ninja dog who dreams of becoming the greatest manga creator in the animal world. To help achieve his dream, Mocchi gives him a mission… “Learn how to create manga at the Manga Dojo.” He’s not good at staying still. “Shihan” Manga Master The master of the dojo and Penmaru’s tutor in the ways of manga. An experienced editor who had worked in the manga industry for over 30 years. He’s not good at cleaning up the room.   <Previously in MANGA DOJO…> “The essence of manga is a doodle!” The words from “the god of manga” Osamu Tezuka sensei strongly inspired Penmaru. With his enthusiasm on fire, Penmaru starts drawing many many pieces, but…?  

Ep. 3 “If you wanna improve, draw SILENT MANGA!”

  Shihan: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait!!!!!!   Penmaru: Huh!?!? You just freaked my out! Penmaru: What’s the matter, Shihan? I need to draw more, you know…   Shihan: You fool!! Continue like that, and you’ll make this Dojo bankrupt before your become a manga star!!   Penmaru: Eee, but it’s you who said to draw lots!   Shihan: I don’t mean, draw many works mindlessly! Shihan: In fact, what if I tell you there’s a type of drawing that helps you grow rapidly?   Penmaru:…… Penmaru: Oh Shiha~n! You meanie~! You should have said that earlier~! (Slam on the back)   Shihan: (If only you have listened till the end…) Shihan: Hear me, Penmaru…   Shihan: The “magic drawing” that makes you better at manga, is…   Penmaru: is…?   Shihan: SILENT MANGA!!!!!!   Penmaru: WOW!!!!! Penmaru:……Eh? Silent Manga? That’s the manga with no dialogues, which everyone’s drawing in SMA, right?   Shihan: Correct. Silent Manga teaches all the lessons you need to know, to create a good manga!   Penmaru: Hmm…?   Shihan: In fact, many popular manga creators has assured that Silent Manga can train your manga skills. Shihan: Take Tetsuya Chiba sensei, creator of popular works like ‘Ore wa Teppei (I am Teppei!)’ and ‘Ashita no Joe (Tomorrow’s Joe)’, for example. In an interview with SMAC! editorial team, he mentioned:
It’s excellent. If you use it to study how to move the reader without resorting to words, then I think you can grow as an artist.
  Penmaru: Oh, really?   Shihan: Also, Usamaru Furuya sensei, a popular manga creator known with his works such as ‘Lychee⭐︎Hikari Club (Lychee Light Club)’ and ‘Teiichi no Kuni (Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High)’, used to practice Silent Manga when he was in junior high school. This is what he said in another interview with SMAC:
“If you keep on drawing silent manga only, I bet you’d gain a sizable amount of abilities.”
  Penmaru: What a glory!   Shihan: Chiba sensei now teaches manga at Bunsei University of Art, and he sees lots of his student trying to pack in too many information in the drawings and dialogues. However, manga is originally something people skim through, rather than following panel after panel, trying to absorb the information. If a manga panel is crammed with too many details, readers just can’t decide what to see in a glance, and the possibly profound content fails to be delivered. Shihan: Sensei says, “Manga is something you make the readers feel”, not read. Which aspect should the readers feel and get in a flash? How can you draw that? In terms of developing that ability to “select”, Silent Manga is a good educational tool.   Penmaru: I see…!   Shihan: You can’t mindlessly draw a scene and character’s action, you need to think it out…… That’s the “ability of storytelling”, that you can develop by drawing Silent Manga!!   Penmaru: A, amazing!! I’ve never read anything like that in my books of directing!!   Shihan: Penmaru, it’s good to draw many doodles, but you must practice to use your brains too, in order to advance!   Penmaru: Yes, Shihan!     Shihan: Oh, if you are going to draw Silent Manga, why not try entering SMA yourself? It’s a great opportunity to show your work to the others!   Penmaru: Aha, that’s true! Alright, I’m definitely trying!   Penmaru: Now it’s time to order manuscript papers and inks and pens!!! Here I goooooooooooo!!   Shihan: Wait wait waaaaaaaaiiiiit!! Hold it!!!   Penmaru has now found his first dream: Entering SMA! But the more he rushes forward, the more he oppresses the dojo’s economy… Will Shihan be able to squeeze out the food expenses from tomorrow on!? Read the next episode, to figure out how Shihan resolves this crisis!!   < NEXT EPISODE… March 12 MON > Did you enjoy reading this story? Did you find a hint to improve your manga creation? If YES, please share the article with your fellow creators! And if NO, please let me know how I can improve! We welcome any kind of opinions and questions, requests and comments, anytime! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter for updates 😉
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Mayuna Mizutani

Mayuna Mizutani