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"What the XXX!" is the key to success – Japanese Manga 101 – #006 Character development 2

Taiyo Nakashima Taiyo Nakashima 20/02/2015 5 min read
  We talked about exaggerating by using the phrase “The World’s Most…” to the character. We had many ideas sent to us via facebook, so lets take a look. 06-craziestThe world’s craziest person 06-heartthrobThe world’s most oblivious (but definitely not snobbish) heart throb They are both good starting points! What would the world’s most craziest person do? What would the world’s most oblivious person not care, that would cause troubles? Lots of interesting ideas! Try to put them in an actual scene! “How would they wake up in the morning?”, “What and how would they like to eat?”, and so on. And think, how they would react! Lots of exciting episodes to be made from there.   06-stupidThe world’s most Stupid person It’s a little vague, but a good start! Many heroes in successful manga hits have a degree of “the worlds biggest idiots” elements to them. He may seem like an idiot most of the time, but has the guts to risk his life when his friends are in danger, while fighting an opponent which seems just absolutely unbeatble! Those things may be stupid to normal people, but a great charm point possessed by the heroes.   06-hansomeThe world’s most handsome, but unluckiest with women Wonderful idea! See how putting two contradicting personalities in one sentence, really deepens the charmpoint of the character. ”The world’s most handsom man” is charming enough, but combining that with “the unluckiest with women” makes the reader want to find out more about him.

 This, is the element of Surprise!

06-surprise To create the element of surprise in a character, we combine two elements like this: “Worlds most… ” BUT “…” For example… 06-but Baddest student, BUT a novice basketball player         06-basketball Fastest driver, BUT a school boy with no license 06-drive Most adventurous, BUT an intelligent professor 06-professor Greatest detective, BUT never leaves home 06-detective   Combining contradicting, or otherwise surprising elements together creates a character the readers is eager to find out about. This is the power of the element of Surprise, that create that character your reader just must meet every week! When developing characters, combine two elements that would cause elements of surprise to the character. You can create many episodes which you can use to create the story line! Come up with ideas, send them to us via facebook, for further advice!   06-gotit GOT IT!?   In the next episode, we will talk about Sympathy, the factor that makes your reader feel like you’re being part of the story line. See you next time!
Taiyo Nakashima

Taiyo Nakashima