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“Creatures, Sprits and Monsters” from YOUR folklore is the theme for SMA14. But how do these mysterious creatures operate? What are their powers? What food do they eat?? Throughout the entry period, we will publish a series of “Yokai Case Files” on several mythical creatures from around the world to help inspire your manga.

This week’s SMA14 Yokai Case File is a mythical beast that needs no introduction. From the lofty peaks of the Himalayas, we give you … The Yeti!


The Yeti

Other names:

Abominable Snowman; Michê (man-bear); Dzu-teh (cattle-bear); Migoi or Mi-go (wild man); Bun Manchi or Mirka (jungle man); Kang Admi (snow man)

Country of Origin:
Bhutan, India, Nepal or Tibet


Himalayan mountains


Giant, ape-like creature covered in dark brown fur with large feet…

Favorite Food:

Lost mountaineers! Or quite possibly a vegetarian…


Immense strength and endurance, with the ability to not be seen.


Global warming.


With its origins found in the pre-Buddhist beliefs of Himalayan communities, the Yeti is old, very old. But it wasn’t until European exploration of the Himalayas in the 19th Century that the Abominable Snowman found fame a global scale.

Evidence of this elusive creature is abundant, with the most recorded on the world’s highest mountain (above sea level)… Mount Everest. But with the only sign of this majestic “wild man” a series of footprints, the Yeti still proves an elusive subject.

You could say that we hold the fate of the Yeti in our very hands. With the world becoming smaller with technology, hiding from the eager eyes of cryptozoologists is becoming more and more difficult for the gentle Mi-go. But it’s the threat of global warming that could spell the end for the Yeti and his ever thawing mountain habitat.




Christopher Tordoff