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SMA-EX4 KitKat Round 2018 – Hints & Tips!!

SMA Editorial Dept. SMA Editorial Dept. 25/10/2018 4 min read
In Japan, the much-loved KitKat chocolate bar has enjoyed an incredible boom in popularity over the years, so much so that Nestlé decided to create specially flavored ones unique to the Japanese market. In fact, the reason behind their newly acquired popularity is deeply linked to the theme of this round! In Japanese,  the word “KitKat” has a pronunciation very similar to that of the phrase “Kitto Katsu” (Surely win). As such, KitKat is not just a simple snack, but also a tasty token of encouragement given to companions in the hope that it helps them pass their exam or trial!

*UPDATE* Themes explained by the SMAC! editors!

The definitive guide to win EX4!

Below is the complete set of SMAC! Cram School articles designed to help the aspiring mangaka of tomorrow win our audition… with a little help from us editors! Be sure to click on each of the articles below to receive some invaluable advice and inspiration on how to structure your manga. Lastly, always remember the keywords “EXAM/TRIAL”, “SUPPORT” and “LUCKY ITEM” when creating your manga in order to wow our panel of judges!  

Hints & Tips from SMAC!: EX4 Cram School

   What does “TAKING EXAMS” mean for Japanese people?
   The history of “KITKAT” – From England to Japan
  “Each man is the maker of his own fortune”… WITH THE HELP OF HIS BELOVED
  A concrete TRIAL story from SMAC!

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SMA Editorial Dept.

SMA Editorial Dept.