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MANGAKA SPOTLIGHT Q&A: Naked Ape – 1 of 2

アバター Penmaru 12/03/2021 3 min read

“…we gave the detective protagonist a special investigative skill.”

  We sent out the call for questions, and we chose 5 of the best, from pro and con of the team work as duo to in-depth character creation.  We’ll now let Naked Ape sensei take over the first two!   QUESTION 1: What is it like working as a duo? Do you have many have creative differences? The advantage is that we are not alone in our work as writers, which makes us both mentally stable, and close enough to support each other in times of trouble. We can also discuss our work together and look at it objectively before submitting it to the editor. I can’t think of any particular weaknesses, but that’s because we’ve built a trusting relationship over the years. I don’t know if that’s the case for every duo or team of writers though. In our work, there are times when Nakamura, the artist, interprets the story written by Aikawa in a different way. In such cases, we can discuss and fill in the blanks so that we can share the same vision of the work, so there is no trouble.    QUESTION 2: What was the inspiration for Suicide Line? As we develop a new concept, the editor in charge and we talked about how we wanted to create manga that could be made into a film or live-action drama. We decided to make a detective story, which is our specialty. However, because there are so many detective stories out there, we gave the detective protagonist a special investigative skill and “Suicide Line” was born.

Chap1 of Suicide Line published by Zenon.