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2019 SMA MasterClass announcement

It’s that time of the year again, as we proudly invite you all to join us in unveiling the new additions to the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® MasterClass!!

As always, COAMIX and all of us in the SMA team would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation for the huge number of entries that we received over the past year. Reading your works have been nothing short of a joy for all of us within SMA, and we sincerely hope that your passion for creating manga continues to burn just as brightly throughout 2019!

The new MasterClass members will be invited to the 2019 Kumamoto Manga Camp to participate in exclusive workshops designed to improve their manga skills, as well as to received the much-coveted MasterClass certification at the exclusive award ceremony.

And so, without further ado, let’s break out the champagne and wish the following hard-working creators a huge CONGRATULATIONS on their induction to the SMA MASTERCLASS!! Now, let’s go visit the MasterClass page and enjoy reading their works!!

Well done to you all!!


The Indonesian Chameleon! He’s got more styles than you can shake a stick at!


Representative work
SMA10 – “RUN”, Grand Prix winning award

Ryuji Tsugihara:

“Both the people and animals are drawn exceptionally well. The flow of the paneling is of a professional level too. Though a story told through the character’s expressions and movements without resorting to dialogue is what constitutes the Silent Manga Audition®, I felt the overall quality of his work was so good that, even without the writing at the end, readers can clearly understand the story.”


Heitor Amatsu
Looking for some fast-paced action? Here’s your man!

BUS, STOP!” id=

Representative work
SMA10 – “BUS, STOP!”, Grand Prix Runner Up winning award

Jun Tomizawa:

“For someone in his early-twenties, his artwork and ability to express emotion is excellent. With just a little more work on his storytelling, I’m sure the creator can aim even higher in the future.”


Heartwarming tales guaranteed to make you smile!

Lucky Charm

Representative work
SMA-EX4 – “Lucky Charm”, Grand Prix winning award


dedy koerniawan
Happiness, tears, and laughter at the touch of your fingertips!

First Flight

Representative work
SMA-EX4 – “First Flight”, Grand Prix Runner Up winning award



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