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Shihan says….THE “X-FACTOR”

SMA Editorial Dept. SMA Editorial Dept. 30/09/2020 4 min read
Being a successful manga artist isn’t just about how good your technique is, it’s the ability to leave a lasting impression on your readers! To stand out from the competition, you need to ensure your work, from story concepts to character designs, are intriguing and memorable. Only then will be noticed by readers and industry pros. 

An unique trait can make your work stand out

One way to achieve this is to thoroughly work on your own unique style of illustrating. This is your superpower, your means to get noticed and make your personal stamp on the industry.  As you have no doubt seen, some of the most successful of manga series may not have technically outstanding artist skill, but they do retain other elements, the “X-factor” if you will, that made them memorable enough to be noticed and enjoyed.  Ajichika-sensei, the artist of Record of Ragnarok has the “X-Factor”. The artist came to late to the game, with Shinya Umemura-sensei and Takumi Fukui-sensei developing the concept of the best selling manga way before they found an artist to give it life. 

Find the X factor that can identify your work from others. 

After a vigorous screening process of potential artist, Ajichika-sensei stood out. His dynamic compositions, unique character designs and the heart-stopping EXPRESSIONS on the faces of his characters ticked all the boxes for a memorable artist with a flare for leaving an impression on his readers.  Ajichika-sensei style is undeniably his and instantly recognizable wherever viewed. The expressions he creates would be wildly unsuitable for other genres, but in the exaggerated story of battling gods and human heroes, it’s the perfect match. As “X-Factor” goes, Ajichika-sensei is heading to Number 1 glory! 

You can check for yourself Akichika-sensei unique style! See the first chapter of Record of Ragnarok!

SMA Editorial Dept.

SMA Editorial Dept.