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Silent Manga in Motion!

Taiyo Nakashima Taiyo Nakashima 14/03/2014 2 min read
Five chosen award winners’s manga from 2013 round, are made into “Motion Comic”, an animation made from the drawn works of Manga! This is a concept to prove, that “A good manga works as a storyboard for a film” as spoken by Nobuhiko Horie. We have been showing this on select events in Japan, it is our pleasure to announce that now all five are available on YouTube! In High-Definition if you are lucky to have fast connection 😉 So without further ado, here are the movies. Enjoy!  

“Sky Sky” by Prema-Ja from Thailand. The part she tries to sleep is much better in motion!

“Excuse Me” by Alex Irzaqi from Indonesia. You just gotta love the moment when she goes for the run 😉

” a Pure Love” by dee juusan from Jordan. If you work with computers, you have heard that lightening at least once. So much for the cuteness of the rabbit!

“Beginning and Farewell” by Vincent Lange from Germany. Sound FX’s work so well on this silent piece.

“Roach Story” by Erwin Prasetya from Indonesia. You just wouldn’t believe the roach is even prettier in motion! 😉

Taiyo Nakashima

Taiyo Nakashima