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After a very intense judging session of the SMA9 finalists, the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® Committee have decided to increase the page limit to 31 pages, from SMA10 onwards!


The judges, including Hojo sensei, Hara sensei, Tsugihara sensei, Horie san and Mochida san, were astounded by the level of talent on display yesterday. All agreed that an increased page-count would allow the amazing artists of SMA to really flex their creative muscles and submit some truly epic manga creations.


We apologise for announcing this during SMA10, with many entries already planned, pencilled or even inked, but please feel free to unleash your creativity over 31 glorious pages for all future rounds.


We will announce the award winning entries of SMA9 in mid-July. 


Thank you!

SMAC! Editorial Team

Christopher Tordoff