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Finnish MasterClass Enewald's awarded manga printed in Japan!

SMA Editorial Dept. SMA Editorial Dept. 08/04/2022 8 min read
New MasterClass member Enewald has been published in the Japanese manga magazine “Monthly Comic ZENON” after receiving the top award in Monthly Comic ZENON’s 23rd Manga Taisho manga contest! Enewald is the second MasterClass member to do so after Australian MasterClass member monotone_ink, who’s recent award winning manga was also published in Monthly Comic ZENON.   Manga Taisho is Comic ZENON’s oldest contest where Japanese newcomers can prove themselves DIRECTLY to their future fans with a 39 page entry. It’s not only judged by manga legends such as Tsukasa Hojo-sensei and Tetsuo Hara-sensei, but also by booksellers and the general public. Enewald’s touching entry “The Sunflower Theorem” (Japanese title: Himawari no Teiri) received the top award of this round, allowing the Finnish creator to have their work published in the latest issue of Monthly Comic ZENON.   The following is a comment from Comic ZENON’s 23rd Manga Taisho special judge Homura Kawamoto-sensei (writer of The War of Greedy Witches etc.) regarding Enewald’s entry:
The expressions that were conveyed throughout the manga were superb. It was vastly enjoyable to read, due the fact that just one expression, such as an innocent, happy face or a face in despair, lets you understand 120% of the situation. I thought the manga could be even better if the theme of “mathematics” was more involved in the main theme of “friends” during the last scene.
  “The Sunflower Theorem” tells the story of Noe, a very special girl with a great passion for math and the ability to see it in the beauty of nature and daily life. For this reason, Noe doesn’t have many friends that can understand her, but this doesn’t bother the young girl as long she has her beloved numbers with her. However, everything will change for Noe once a new classmate, Maika, arrives to math class…

A page from “The Sunflower Theorem” – go to the bottom of this article to read the English version of this manga!

  In the latest Monthly Comic ZENON, a special illustration and exclusive interview with fresh, new talent Enewald was featured in the issue, which we have translated!
1. What are your feelings towards your award?

I’m shocked, but happy! It’s like a dream that my manga was chosen to receive an award. I’m too happy.

2. What made you decide to enter Manga Taisho?

My editor first told me about Manga Taisho. I had never drawn a manga with dialogue, and wanted to join the contest as a challenge.

3. What was the inspiration behind your entry?

Actually, I drew from a lot of my past experiences. In my hometown there’s a sunflower field, an old school in the countryside, and I even had a math showdown with a classmate. It ended with us in a draw (laughs).

4. What was the hardest part in drawing this entry?

Definitely it was the sunflower seeds. I tried out different ways of drawing them until I was satisfied with one. Drawing the backgrounds was also difficult.

5. What’s your favorite part of the manga?

Personally, I like the scene where Noe goes to the sunflower field and the scene where she sits across from Maika right before the math showdown. I also enjoyed applying the screen tones to show the lighting effects.

6. Please tell us what manga you are reading recently.

Lately I’ve been reading Vinland Saga, Land of the Lustrous, and Golden Kamui.

7. What kind of manga do you want to create next?

I haven’t decided, but for now I want to draw a lot of manga!

8. Please leave a message for our readers.

I am full of gratitude and respect if you are not good at math and still read my manga! I will do my best to deliver other works to you from now on. I hope you enjoyed “The Sunflower Theorem!”

  Enewald’s work is only one of the manga created by the SMA MasterClass that won an award in Monthly Comic ZENON’s manga awards; with the support of the SMA Editorial Department, the MasterClass members are showing year after year their potential to the Japanese readers.

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  “The Sunflower Theorem” and “My Friend Mana” have also been published IN JAPANESE on the Monthly Comic ZENON website! Take a look and leave a comment to support Enewald and monotone_ink by clicking the banners below❤️

“The Sunflower Theorem”

“My Friend Mana”

SMA Editorial Dept.

SMA Editorial Dept.