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The MasterClass Debut Works finally in ENGLISH!

SMA Editorial Dept. SMA Editorial Dept. 23/12/2021 5 min read
The moment that international manga fans were waiting for has finally arrived… The three manga drawn by the SMA MasterClass and published by the ZENON Editorial Department are finally available FOR FREE for your enjoinment!   A limited initiative for the SMA MasterClass organized by the ZENON Editorial Dept., the ZENON Creator Audition allowed three MasterClass members to debut in Japan by reimagining a “name” (pages draft) provided by professional manga artists in their original way. The experience helped the selected international creators Sideburn004 (Russia), Dedy Koerniawan (Indonesia), and Alex Irzaqi (Indonesia) to also fully experience the professional environment of the Japanese manga industry and its strict deadlines!

“Midnight Shadow” Original story: Matsuri Midō Drawings: Sideburn004

A work originally conceived by Japanese manga artist Matsuri Midō (“Black Terror”) for the first ZENON Creator Audition, “Midnight Shadow” tells the story of Alice, a young woman plagued with the ability to see people’s true selves through their shadows. Barney, a mysterious eccentric, enters her life showing a fascination in her that few people have, when a trip to a coffee shop goes horribly wrong.



“Joze and the Magical Mansion” Original story: Mirai Mutsuhara Drawings: Dedy Koerniawan

Based on a work originally conceived by Japanese manga artist Mirai Mutsuhara (“Shiawase no Buta”) exclusively for the second ZENON Creator Audition, “Joze and the Magical Mansion” tells the story of a young woman who, despite living a charmed life in a magical home, longs to see what lies beyond the walls of her safe haven. However, when a traveling minstrel by the name of Dal comes knocking one day, Joze struggles to keep her rampant curiosity in check…



“REFORMER” Original story: Toshiaki Yamada Drawings: Alex Irzaqi

Originally conceived by the acclaimed Japanese manga artist Toshiaki Yamada (“Tokyo Duel”) for the third ZENON Creator Audition, “REFORMER” tells the unforgiving story of the anti-hero Mizuno, a retired hitman with a mysterious past who has a tendency to act before he thinks. With themes that highlight the darker side of Japanese society, “REFORMER” is an untimely a story of justice for the forgotten few in our world.


  The ZENON Editorial Department is always eager to help and support the international creators born from the SILENT MANGA AUDITION®. The newest project developed for the SMA MasterClass is our Artists Village Aso 096k in Takamori, where we expect to have many new MC members debut in Japan with incredible new manga stories! Be sure to keep on following our social media pages for the latest debut manga-news from our MasterClass!
SMA Editorial Dept.

SMA Editorial Dept.