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In Regards to a Work that Bears a Strong Resemblance to an Awarded SMA Entry

Recently, it came to the attention of the SILENT MANGA AUDITION®︎ (SMA) that an award-winning work in the 2021 15th Japan International MANGA Award showed a strong resemblance to MasterClass member Yoonmi’s 2019 SMA-EX5 Excellence award-winning work “Daze.”

Upon realizing this, SMA reached out to the Japan International MANGA Award Executive Committee regarding this matter. The committee conducted an investigation and ultimately withdrew the awarded work in question that bore a strong resemblance to “Daze.” An official announcement from the Committee regarding this matter can be found here and on their homepage.

Additional publication on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website in English:

Additional publication on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website in Japanese:


SMA is thankful for the cooperation of the Committee and is relieved that this matter has been concluded. It is SMA’s belief that it is in all of our interests to support young artists to be able to create in a fair and friendly competitive environment. SMA will continue to protect the copyrights of all entries submitted to SMA and to support artists around the world in order to share their love of manga without infringing on the works and images of other artists.

SMA is looking forward to your continued participation and support.


April 18, 2022

SMA Editorial Dept.