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Manga Nutcracker #16 – Tokyo Ghoul

Vivi Vivi 05/06/2018 6 min read
   Tokyo Ghoul By Sui Ishida Published by Shueisha in Weekly Young Jump Original run September 8, 2011 – September 18, 2014      

“ A normal college student is accidentaly turned into a half-ghoul,  condemned to surviving on human flesh, he must juggle his previous life with the new the new fate that he was thrown into”

          Have you ever wonder what it would be like if you woke up with an incurable disease? A disease that you know would repel everyone you knew? Well, this is exactly what happened to Tokyo Ghoul’s protagonist, Ken Kaneki.   What was supposed to be a romantic date, suddenly turns into a blood soaked survival story with the discovery that his crush is actually a Ghoul. And she’s hungry! In a world where humans are regularly used as a snack by the ever hungry Ghouls, Kaneki never expected to be the next meal!   Rushed to the hospital in a critical condition, the doctors work furiously on Kaneki, resorting to an organ transplant in an effort to save his life. Little did they know, the organs they use to transplant were those of a Ghoul where the unknowingly transformed Kaneki in the first half-human/half-ghoul hybrid!   Can this young college student ever return to his former life? How will he adapt to the new challenges of his condition? Will he ever be able to balance two very different worlds?    
  I want to be The Hokage! No, I want to be the Pirate King! No, I want to protect !…maybe   Tokyo Ghoul immediately begins with an “everyday” type character, thrown into an extraordinary situation, with the resultant acceptance of his new fate.     A huge departure from typical manga, where we are introduced to a protagonist and his/her goal, Kaneki’s story begins when he is struck by tragedy, followed his ability to adapt to the grotesque world he now finds himself in, while holding onto his last vestiges of humanity.   Confused and revolted, Kaneki at first rejects his new reality and refuses to acknowledge his new fate. This state of confusion is finally resolved when he discovers that his friend is in danger, marking a huge a change in the character.   Tokyo Ghoul is a wonderful example of tension building, ensuring you keep turning the page. The questions the story raises as it moves forward with Kaneki’s role in juggling both his human life and his new Ghoulish reality, is another driving force in this manga. Peppered with gruesome action, Tokyo Ghoul takes survival horror genres and brilliantly flips it on its head – gruesomely entertaining!        

 “Is so unfair! He didn’t wished for any of it! I would be scared and frustrated as well! “

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