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Manga cracker #17 Attack on Titan

  Attack on Titan   By Hajime Isayama Published by Kodansha 2009 ~   “A boy with a thirst for f […]

Manga Nutcracker #16 – Tokyo Ghoul

   Tokyo Ghoul By Sui Ishida Published by Shueisha in Weekly Young Jump Original run September 8, 2011 – […]

Manga nutcracker #15 – Witch Hat Atelier

  Witch Hat Atelier Shirahama Kamome Published by: Kodansha 2016 – Present     “A curious girl […]

Mangacracker #14 – Dragonball

Humans, talking animais, androids, dinosaurs, aliens, demons… the list goes on and on. Have you ever wonder ho […]

Manga nutcracker #13 – Yu Yu Hakusho

Have you ever felt tired of all those goody goody protagonist ? Positive and good hearted characters might be […]

Manga nutcracker #12 – Cells at Work

Have you ever heard of “Data Manga”? Even if you haven’t, you will have no doubt seen it! With a plethora of m […]

Manga nutcracker #11 – Saint Young Men

This week’s Manga Nutcracker came a little late, however now is here with one of my favorite comedy mang […]

mangacracker #10

    A boy takes on his old basketball team, to show them the true meaning of teamwork in the most in […]

mangacracker #9

  Slam Dunk Takehiko Inoue Original run: October 1, 1990 – June 17, 1996   “A misfit reluctant […]

manga nutcracker#8

    “A boy with an elastic body want to become the Pirate King!”   Set in an age of […]