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アバター Penmaru 11/06/2015 2 min read
20150611_130928 An abundance of books and manga? Check. ????????????? Cute figures? Check! A character coffee mug? Check! Wait… where on earth is this!? 20150611_131125 Actually, this is… Tsukasa’s Moe Desk! His pride and joy!! I’m always surrounded by lovely moe items when I work!♥ 20150611_131202 That includes the desk mat… ????????????? And my favorite character stickers! 20150611_131040 Naturally, my PC is also customized to my taste!! 20150611_131023 Every corner is completely crammed with moe items!! I’d love to see your workspaces as well! Please post photos! 20150611_133844 Next week, I’ll be introducing a surprising service provided by Manga Magazines! Please look forward to it!!