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Kakimoji S.O.S. #11 – Be SILENT! Kakimoji Time

Enrico Croce Enrico Croce 03/05/2018 6 min read
  Wax on…Wax off… Sound on…Sound off…       Hm? Penmaru, what are you doing?     I’m studying the Way of Kakimoji, do not distract me or everything will be for nothing!        Uh, ok… So you’re telling me you’re busy today…?  Well then, let’s invite a fellow editor who shares my incredible passion for manga and anime from the 80s, Vivi!      Hello everyone! You may have read my “Vivi’s Manga Nutcraker” series! Today, I’ll joining Enrico to learn more about the secrets of manga, especially onomatopoeia, the art of drawing sound – Kakimoji!     Thank you Vivi!  Let’s start this week’s article by talking about the very basic definition of Kakimoji and its “Sound of Silence” aspect.   


Suka… Swinging fist into thin air (SOUTEN NO KEN Regenesis)


Pitari Stopped action in mid-air (SOUTEN NO KEN Regenesis)

The soundless action of a swinging fist into thin air, uses the kakimoji “Suka …”. This Kakimoji is what you need to pimp up the action!  During the heated fight, the protagonist pulls back his fist and throws a punch that misses the target, hitting only air! In reality, we’d hear nothing but through the magic of kakimoji, we can transform this soundless event into a pivotal moment and build up tension for the counterattack.  Like Pita introduced 2 weeks ago, “Pitari” has no sound by itself, showing only how an object is stopped in the mid-air. In this scene, the movement of the hand actually stops, but by including the boy’s face in the same frame, we can also sense the tension the boy is feeling, as if his heart has stopped!   


Icha-icha Flirting (From KYO KARA  CITY HUNTER)


Katsu A strong sun shining down (SOUTEN NO KEN Regenesis)

  Kakimoji that express psychological concepts, such as a charming way of speaking or weather, like the representation of the sun shining strongly. Even without sound, the range of expressive Kakimoji is infinite, covering every element, including presence, tension, warmth, sadness and anger. This use of Kakimoji here will depend on the intensity of their design along with the placement within the frame. This not only affects the expression of the sound, but it allows the creator to maximize the atmosphere in the panel. This is the role of Kakimoji!   I see! So Kakimoji really is an essential part of manga, to allow the frames move and the characters act, just like in a real movie! Now you know the secret, manga creators! Do your best in SMA-EX3 and SMA10!    Finally, thank you to my smart friend Vivi for sharing the magic power of Kakimoji with me! See you next week!      Nobody puts Penmaru in a corner! Next week I will have my revenge! HAHAHAHAHA!!!     Penmaru?     !! See you next week!       


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Enrico Croce

Enrico Croce