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Manga creation with Pro editor 2- Japanese Manga 101 #043

Taiyo Nakashima Taiyo Nakashima 18/08/2016 5 min read
Following the last chapter, let’s continue our simulated meeting, what would pro manga creator and an editor do to create a story for the SILENT MANGA AUDITION round 5! Last time, we showed you how to create a story with FRIENDSHIP at its core. It’s easier to think of a story once you have laid out all the elements, such as roles and relations,  in a chart like this. jm101_43_01 Once we have an episode of friendship, we only need to inject the communication tool into that episode.   Like we did in the last episode, let’s say, a surprising friendship emerged between an otherwise unusual combination, a Policeman, and a Thief in this example. <EXAMPLE>

Policeman A, can never to catch Thief B, no matter how hard he tries.

But somehow, Policeman A can not hate Thief B.

Because Thief B only steals from the evil in society, Mafia bosses and

corrupt politicians, then gives away all the stolen wealth to the poor.

But one day, Policeman A finds out, that Thief B is in danger.

Mafia bosses and corrupt politicians are bribing to the police, to hunt down and kill Thief B.

In an attempt to save Thief B, Policeman A disobeys the order, and tries to alert Thief B of the approaching danger.

Many manga creators and editors would go “aha!” at this stage. That moment, when Policeman A tries to alert Thief B, where “Communication Tool” would come-in to full effect. A policeman somehow trying to save a thief, is the climax of the story. If we could utilize the tool right at this climax, that is story telling well done! So, let’s go back to the words, the “seeds of ideas” we gathered earlier on. jm101_43_2 Many of the ideas may work here. Manga creator and an editor, then hunt for ideas that will “entertain the reader”. A communication tool for a Policeman and a Thief, that is unexpected, and FUN! Then, we can come up with these ideas; “Using the sirens and microphone, looks to be chasing but is in fact making him aware of the danger” “Using the police radio, that the thief is likely listening into. (as well as other cops).” “Go extreme! Hijack all the electric signs in town, and send him a message.” All 3 of these are interesting ideas. See how laying out the “seeds of ideas”, really help?   There are 2 important things to always keep in mind! Those are: “ENTERTAIN the Reader” “Think of a tool that is UNIQUE to the roles of the character” jm101_43_02 If you have a story of friendship, that is already strong, that moves the reader, the communication tool can be an ordinary, everyday item like a telephone or a letter.   Please do feel, how “Thinking” is massively made easier, by methodically gathering and organizing ideas. It will give you a variety of episodes in a few easy steps!!
Taiyo Nakashima

Taiyo Nakashima