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"SILENT MANGA AUDITION 5" Award Candidates Announcement

Taiyo Nakashima Taiyo Nakashima 17/06/2016 10 min read
SMAC! The WEB MAGAZINE, in corporation with The SILENT MANGA AUDITION® Committee, would like to announce the first intermediate round, “Award Candidates”, for SMA5. 2n Intermediate announcement, “Award Nominees”, will be announced on 24th June (Fri) 2016.
  “SILENT MANGA AUDITION 5” Theme : “Friendship & Communication Tool” 1st Intermediate – “Candidates”   The following entries, are confirmed as award candidate:
Australia Pidgin by Orenji–kun
Brazil Toy Friend by Alan Morais Godinho
Brazil Dog Emotion by Alan Morais Godinho
Brazil The Promisse by Fabiano Ferreira
Brazil Sketch by Hikari Saita
Brazil Our Relation by Max Andrade
Brazil Watching by João Mausson
Brazil To share by Kaji Pato
Brazil Inseparable Friends by Alan Morais Godinho
Brazil The Friendship of Paper by Juloyola
Brazil The Rescue by Joao Henrique
Brazil Snowball by Wal Souza
Brazil Try Again? by Zazo Aguiar
Brazil Maybe Later by Renan Garcia
Brazil Good Friends and True by Max Andrade
Canada Race by Akimiya Jun
Canada Fishy Boots by E31
Canada HERO by niema
Chile Letters and Notes by Susurro
China Reincarnation by Wang Xiao Dong
Costa Rica Un Lazo Inusual by AVS
France Satori by Reboul
France one witness for several lifes by Rivers
Germany Hey! What’s up? by DenysKovalenko
Germany Barrier by Nado
India Superhero by Thej Yhome
Indonesia Boring Class by Marcelius Tomy
Indonesia night fishing by Dhang Ayupratomo
Indonesia Warmth by kjati
Indonesia Socks Puppets by MEAW
Indonesia Wake Up! by hibban basysyar
Indonesia Hi ! by Alan_DW
Indonesia Smile by Imim
Indonesia Shipwreck Survivor by Hudan D. Asfaq
Indonesia Escape the Bad Day by imam
Indonesia VWXYZ by TFQR
Indonesia sound of memories by bachrul ulum
Indonesia Ball over the Wall by RistaNaia
Indonesia Break The Chains by HCl
Indonesia Silver Gun by Aoi
Indonesia BitterSweet by JekiSbc
Indonesia Nostalgic Memories by ifnarta and septa anto twi
Indonesia Snow Ball by Arie-San
Indonesia Dragon Knight by nilanandita
Indonesia The Harmonica by Fahtum Dahlia
Indonesia Peace and Love’s Prayer by Futari no Kizuna
Indonesia Junkyard Story by Dimaz Sadewa
Indonesia Our Sharing Notes by toru jump
Indonesia Passing a Courage by sen-jou
Indonesia DISTANCE by ariel putra duyung
Indonesia Owl Express Delivery by ombobon
Indonesia Be Well by Nagifry
Indonesia Tamadachi ~Football Friend~ by Pyrara
Indonesia Across The Line by Pihu Ana
Indonesia Birdsong by jrin96
Indonesia Listen by Arthurian
Indonesia I’m Happy by DS STUDIO
Indonesia Hello again my friend, nice to met you by rin
Indonesia Our Sign by Suteja
Indonesia MASK by ASA
Indonesia Run Away by mr.kohan
Indonesia Trails In the Snow by CHESS
Italy X-Fails by Matteo M.
Italy Cher Amì by REDJET
Italy Hearts Bloom by Kira Yukishiro
Italy Your Sound by Salvatore Nives
Italy Charlie by Franky Stain
Italy HAKUTORA by Gabriele Pellistri
Italy Andante by barbara montruccoli
Italy On the same page. by DaHosoi
Kuwait In Real Life by mooohy
Malaysia The 81st Trial by Hyrohiku
Malaysia Third by Hyrohiku
Malaysia Miss U by Yamaue Chojin
Malaysia Unbreakable by wongjiajang
Mexico Yearnings by EloAnguiano
Philippines Threads by Aurora Lim Baronia
Philippines The Duet by MBworks
Philippines The Winter Mascot Suits The Spirit by Tofudraw
Philippines Rocket Boi by Genyo
Philippines We won’t Do it Again by Power-J
Philippines Powerhug by Ryo Bakuryu
Philippines Hello★Hello by RAYKOSEN
Philippines The Parting Gift by Flori Neil
Poland Hen by Megan Uosiu
Russia PAGER by Igor Kolgarev
Russia Music by Olesya Kholodchuck
Russia My best friend by Sideburn004
Russia My Shield by nao
Russia “In my childhood we didn’t have cell phones or stuff like that…’’ by kleni lom
Russia The waves’ whisper by 0nepeach
Russia Chalks for brownie by TheDarkPeer
Russia The rhythm of words by Amito Arai
Singapore If My Best Friend Was An Alien by Tanky
Spain Species by Kaoru Okino
Spain One Punch by ManzanaMainy
Spain Emoji Friendship by Jessica Guarnido
Spain Hush! by Gemma C
Sweden I miss you by Niki Jo
Sweden Leters by P3t3rBu
Thailand Penpal by 10Bless
Thailand Wish by DUSEED
Thailand Feel Again by Veerapat P.
Thailand Candy by SICKHEART
Thailand Go…Go…Go by ISARIYA
Thailand You,too. by Lomenel
Thailand How we met by Nekotaririn
Thailand Connect by V.Rondell
Thailand Someone else by jinnayoyo
Thailand LINKED by jaipetch
Thailand My Unexpected Friend by Cantashi
Thailand Bandage by Thursday’s Child Studio
Tunisia Our secret by ahlemk
Ukraine Magic Box by radujniizmei
United Kingdom A Taste of Home by AsiaAlfa
United States Fly, Songbird by redprincess
United States Silent Night by Lucciola
United States Private Beach by darlingGrim
United States Once Upon Offline by Alfred Mercado
United States Sea Audience by Chayole
United States Onimatic by Jaeil Cho
Vietnam Shall we go out ? by Nam Phuong
Vietnam First Contact by Meo Moc
Vietnam LETTER IN BOTTLE by ChiakiHayano
Vietnam The Story On Island by Luxin Bi
Vietnam Learn and Teach by HaiAn
Vietnam Squid and Octopus by Lenh Holi
Vietnam Chau Chuoc by jeet zdung
Vietnam Whisperofthehill by LongSempei
Vietnam A God’s Totem by Nguyen Minh Duc
Vietnam Cheer Up by PhamTuong
Vietnam Lotus leaf love letter by jeet zdung
Vietnam StringHeart by Vuu Huu Triet
Vietnam Zinnia by G-tale
Vietnam Cup Phone by Noh.A
Vietnam SMILE by NiE
Vietnam The Traveller by Zevania
Yemen thread of memorise by Sara And amna
Taiyo Nakashima

Taiyo Nakashima