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EX5 Interview #5 – PoodPoopsie

Christopher Tordoff Christopher Tordoff 24/12/2019 6 min read
PROFILE  Name: PoodPoopsie Age: 16 Country: USA Favorite manga: Monster by Naoki Urasawa; Children of the Sea by Daisuke Igarashi Favorite movie: Perfect Blue by Satoshi Kon; When Marnie Was There by Studio Ghibli; The Apartment by Billy Wilder; Inglorious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino Favorite quote: “There are no facts, only interpretations.” – Friedrich Nietzsche   “[The SMA] really motivates me to improve my art and storytelling…”   QUESTIONS 1. How does it feel to win a SILENT MANGA AUDITION® award? I am very happy and glad to be rewarded for having fun making a manga. Plus, I can now buy more materials for my next manga! 2. What were your first impressions of the theme? I’m a pretty pessimistic person so I was originally going to make something much darker, as I didn’t think doing your best could get you everywhere! But I didn’t think people would like to read that, so I changed the lesson.  I also tried making something more comedic and interesting but the story was way too complicated. It was about a vampire who sees his brother buying vegetables and freaks out because he thinks his brother’s going to eat it, but really his brother is trying to make a salad for a cooking competition. Haha, it still sounds really complicated and irrelevant to the theme. 3. What was the inspiration behind your winning work? During that time, I was reading a lot of Tezuka’s work and I really wanted to replicate the style of older manga artists, as they can capture so much with just lines. I think Sanpei Shirato and Yaguchi Takao are also both very good at this. I tried to implement that in my work, but I definitely need more practice, haha.  Also the characters, the guy wearing the hat is basically me. He shares a lot of my pessimism. Funnily enough I’m a lot more positive now, similar to what happens in the manga.   4. What challenges did you face making your manga? How did you overcome them? ︎ I struggled with my artwork, as it isn’t very good. Especially when it comes to capturing form with simple lines. I also had trouble with the story as it wasn’t very interesting, but I just stuck with it and tried to make it interesting visually through the atmosphere. That was really fun! I also really want to learn how to utilize the “kishotenketsu” structure, but didn’t manage this round. 5. What did you learn from making your manga? Did you pick up any new skills or techniques? I think it helped me better with my inking and crosshatching. Story-wise, it helped guide me in creating a simpler story which I have a lot of trouble with.   6. How important is entering the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® in relation to your professional goals? ︎ It really motivates me to improve my art and storytelling so that I can make interesting manga in the future!

“Monster” by Naoki Urasawa, a huge influence on PoodPoopsie

7. What advice would you give to people entering the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® I’d say just have fun and experiment more with your manga, so at least you’ll enjoy making it even if you don’t win an award.     Read PoodPoopsie’s SMA-EX5 HONOURABLE MENTION winning manga, “Don’t Sweat It!” by clicking the image!
Christopher Tordoff

Christopher Tordoff