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Silent Manga is going to the Outer Space!

Taiyo Nakashima Taiyo Nakashima 27/03/2014 3 min read
In co-operation with e-book initiative Japan and JAXA, We are transmitting the first ever entertainment e-book to be read in space! And what is more appropriate, of course, than a silent manga 😉 Koichi Wakata (wikipedia) is a JAXA engineer and an astronaut, who has  become the first Japanese man to serve the position of 1st commander, of the International Space Station (ISS).   We wish him all of our best for the important mission ahead, but figured it may feel a little lonely in the outer space, so e-book Japan and us thought compiling the first ever “Space Mag” of Japan was something we could do to show our aid and support to the astronauts up in the skies!   1024px-STS132_undocking_iss2 The first “Space Mag” e-book will be transmit to the ISS via transmitter satellite, event will be covered live both on earth and on ISS. We thought one of our 2013 award winners “Sky Sky” by Prema-Ja, was a fantastic little piece to read on the ISS. It will accompany other entertainment works like  “Space Brothers”. Since Silent Manga is not reliant on languages, I hope the international crew onboard can also enjoy the wonderful manga!   Do you have ideas that you want to send to space, or any other part of the world? Draw them, send ‘em in an keeping your fingers crossed maybe… 😉
Taiyo Nakashima

Taiyo Nakashima