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Mangacracker #5

Vivi Vivi 20/03/2018 10 min read
***HUGE SPOILER WARNING!!***   If you haven’t read our first batch of spectacular oneshots, then we strongly recommend you do before you read this week’s Nutcracker. Now lets crack this amazing FIRST EVER! Masterclass oneshots!         Scaffold by Ichirou.   Ichirou has been a beloved member of the masterclass for quite some time. In his previous works, Ichirou has shown his skill as a creator with beautifully designed stories, complex characters and emotional moments that everyone can relate to. I’m a big fan of his “Homesick Alien” piece. The innocence of a child’s dream, the growth of the characters and the amazing setting for this piece just took by breath away.     Vivi’s view! In Scaffold, Ichirou makes us wonder how the line between humans and robots becomes blurred, asking the question “what is humanity?” Ichirou’s amazing skills shine through with his incredible art. A master of wonder, Ichirou’s natural but realistic style, enables him to highlight these themes in an engaging way, leaving you questioning what the truth really is.     Houseikisama by Roberto F.   2nd generation masterclass member and friend of the SMAC! team, Roberto’s Housekisama promises an exciting shounen adventure to come! We are introduced to Hiru, a young boy who starts his journey in search of revenge for the destruction of his home. Despite his hatred for a conquering army, his fight with the Blue Ribbons leader shows he still has an honest and good heart. Valuing his friends, this boy will not let happen to anyone else what befell him! While all the time, enjoying a delicious chocolate bear.   Vivi’s view! Housekisama is a good example of a oneshot that leaves you restlessly wanting to know more! Roberto’s charming design effortlessly brings the personalities of the characters out in full force. Hiru’s unique fighting style, using bombs is something fresh for a shounen manga. His love for a chocolate bear that brings back painful memories, coupled with the scar on his face make for an engaging protagonist, making me yearn to see what happens in the next chapter!     Hujuan by Alex Irzaqi   Strongly influenced by Hokuto no Ken, Alex brings us a battle about love and honor! In danger of losing the love of his life (Rindu) to another man, Hujuan has to participate in a fight for the prize of marrying Rindu! Just like Kenshiro, Hujuan will fight until the end to get his love back! With a plot twist at the end, can Hujuan and Rindu find their happiness together?     Vivi’s view! With a signature phrase and milky power up, Hujuan is brimming with special moves, making him a classically cool flighting hero. Alex is really captures the important twists and turns that makes this story enjoyable. By smoothly bringing his character and the reader to a satisfying end, Alex has constructed a surprising tale of heroics, plus an amazing plot twist!     Tiny Bond by Vanilla   Vanilla has been part of the SMA since the beginning! In a bond of cuteness, Vanilla shows us an encounter with Ken, an exhausted florist and an incredibly small and adorable child called Shion. Starting from a unexpected encounter, Ken starts life with this tiny being, helping Shion fill a traumatic void that has been left in his heart. How will these two relationships evolve and what kind of troubles will they have along the way?     Vivi’s view! Manga making duo Vanilla, as their name suggests, really brings sweetness and cuteness to the story! Tiny bond is a story of belonging, wrapped up in magic! Yes magic! The power of manga is bringing something special to an ordinary, everyday story. Vanilla has demonstrated again and again through their work that they can sprinkle a little magic on any ordinary story, bringing out the wonder and emotions to the readers! What magical stories will they write next? I really look forward to finding out!     Sentinel by DS studio   In a world plagued by zombies, Maudy is shocked to discover her parents have turn into the undead. Panicked and with no idea of what to do, she is saved by a mysterious girl. We soon discover that her savior is a zombie hunter, also now a Sentinel! Impressed by her strength, Maudy decided to fight back and become a Sentinel too!     Vivi’s view! Maudy is the perfect example of an accidental heroine that rises up to the occasion! Maudy’s innocence, naivety and insecure personality shown in her expressions, really displays her emotions to the readers, in a way that places you in her shoes. The danger of her situation and the emotions she experiences, brings the reader into the actual of this amazing horror story. Watching a character start from nothing to growing through her trials is one of the most satisfying things to follow.     Atena by Salvatore Gives Atena is the story of a strong minded girl, that dreams of being a knight! Despite everyone raining doubt on her dream, because of the simple fact that she’s female, this brave girl is determined to prove them wrong! In this oneshot, Salvatore delight us with different characters that surround Atena, that in a short span of time, each one of them get the chance to show their true colors through their actions.   Vivi’s view!   Salvatore’s style, brings out the magic and misery of Atena’s setting and world. What caught my attention right away was Atena. She has so many different expressions, giving life to this frustrated character! Just like a child, she is naive, innocent, brave and insecure. A very relatable character, proving that she has enough strength to push this story to higher grounds!   Did you enjoy this week Manga nutcracker? What did you think about the Masterclass stories ? Would love to hear your opinions! Follow me by Twitter – @SmacViVi Facebook – Vivi Fabbri Smac