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“Two is better than One” / JapaneseManga101 #002 Double page spread

Today, we talk about The double page spread.

Even in this age of smartphones, “Double page spread” is still hugely important.

Why? Well, take a look at some examples.


double page 1 double page 2 double page 3double page 4

These are the actual pages by Hojo Sensei!

Readers always read two pages at a time. From right to left, they actually read several panels at a time towards the last panel. It is really important, to leave a strong impression, as a spread. Concentrate on one panel, then build up the tension toward the end.

See, how nearly all pages follow this format?

Take a look once again, in the printed magazine!

01-doublepage-magazinemagazine1 magazine2 magazine3

Easy follow, entertaining, impressive spread, is vital to your Manga’s success. That’s why all professional Manga editors always read in spread pairs.

Make every double page spread, strong and focused, to leave the impression.


In the next episode, we will look at the art of paneling. See you next time!

Taiyo Nakashima