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Chase Chase 12/11/2021 2 min read
Chase My manga journey started a bit later than most; my first encounter was watching “Dragon Ball Z” in college! Besides binging the entire series in one semester (which had an obvious effect on my grades) and getting sucked into the worlds of “JoJo,” “Rurouni Kenshin,” “Death Note,” and “Gintama,” I was lucky enough to study in Shiga prefecture while in college. I liked Japan so much that after I graduated I left Michigan, USA and started working in Kumamoto as an ALT English instructor. 5 years later and I’m excited to join the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® editorial team and dive deeper into the world of manga and be a part of their incredible projects in Takamori!   Favorite manga: “Monster,” “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure,” “Fullmetal Alchemist,” “Demon Slayer,” “Record of Ragnarok” Favorite movie: “Blade Runner,” “Star Wars,” “The Wolverine” Favorite TV show: “LOST”