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Chase's Profile

Chase My manga journey started a bit later than most; my first encounter was watching “Dragon Ball ZR […]

Rose's Profile

Rose I am from Slovenia and I remember my first encounter with the anime and manga world being a German dubbed […]

Taninaka's Profile

Takahashi Taninaka I first fell in love with manga when I was eight years old and read a manga called Rave Mas […]

Minoru Kasahara’s Profile

Name : Minoru Kasahara Hometown : Gunma Prefecture Editor in charge of : Fist of the Blue Sky REGENESIS Rojo-t […]

Keitaro Yokoyama’s Profile

Name : Keitaro Yokoyama Hometown : Tokyo Editor in charge of : Ikusa no Ko Alpi – the Soul Sender Witch […]

Ko Yamanaka’s Profile

Name : Ko Yamanaka Hometown : Kanagawa prefecture Editor in charge of : Shumatsu no Valkyrie – Record of […]

Tsuyoshi Tanaka’s Profile

Name : Tsuyoshi Tanaka Hometown : Chiba Prefecture Editor in charge of : Maeda Keiji – Kabuki tabi Maho […]

Suguru Kakishita’s Profile

Name : Suguru Kakishita Hometown : Kumamoto Prefecture Editor in charge of : Shumatsu no Valkyrie – Reco […]

Ken Yoshii's Profile

Ken “Dene” Yoshii From Tokyo, Japan My first encounter with anime/manga was Mobile Suit Gundam and […]

Chris's Profile

Chris Tordoff Born in Yorkshire, United Kingdom Born in the windswept North of England, I grew up on a diet of […]