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SMA13-UNESCO Round Case Study #1: Ending School Bullying

Christopher Tordoff Christopher Tordoff 09/10/2019 5 min read

Many successful manga take place in schools, and where there is a school, there is bullying. But what is the reality, and what impact can bullying have on the victims and their families? And how can we solve this universal problem?

Violence in schools hurt millions of children and young people everyday, with nearly one-third of students reporting incidents of bullying. Bullied students tend to have more trouble with their studies and are more likely to drop out of school. They also have a higher chance of feeling lonely and depressed, or to consider suicide as a way out of the misery bullying brings.

Bullying includes physical, psychological and sexual violence, often affecting students based on sexual orientation and gender identification. In fact, it is members of the LGBTI community who face a particularly harsh time in schools.

According to a government survey, Thailand has the second-highest percentage of students being bullied out of any country in the world. Incidents include informal school rituals in which older students taunt, humiliate and beat younger classmates. These “hazing rituals” have a lasting impact on students’ emotional and physical well-being.  

More understanding about the LGBTI community could be a solution.

As more and more students speak out, however, and the public learns about bullying violence, many young people are saying enough is enough! Student groups are highlighting violence in school and these hurtful rituals, which has led to the government and universities to speak out against bullying. With student and community support, young people can learn to say NO to bullying, even when it is being led by older classmates.

Safe and inclusive schools through education!

UNESCO believes students can be empowered through emotional learning, including sexuality education that includes gender education, to reduce bullying and the harm it causes. Anti-bullying policy includes teachers, education officials and young people, and also the entire community to empower students with self-worth and dignity, paving the way to a peaceful future for everyone.

For inspiration about crafting a story around bullying, use these handy links!

Read the UNESCO report here!

PENMARU’s TIP! “In most cases, it’s the bully themselves who are acting on ignorance. So what event could move a bully to stop and overcome their ignorance? A story from the bully’s POV, with his or her journey from ignorance to enlightenment through learning would make for a powerful manga!”
Christopher Tordoff

Christopher Tordoff