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Dream Walker

SYNOPSYS: Angie, an ordinary woman suffering from a recurring nightmare is plunged once again, into a lonely world of fear. In an effort to end her endless torment, she enlists the help of the mysterious Victor. Can Angie bring an end to her pain? A mysterious manga with a strong message of hope in the darkest of times.

Pizza King

SYNOPSYS: The Queen requires a new Royal baker, but with a Father and Son at odds, the chances of the family bakery winning the coveted prize seems slim to none. Pitted against a bitter rival, can a radically new baking technique save the day?

Dream Walker

SYNOPSYS: On a mission of redemption, Balak, a lone scientist braves the warm waters of the arctic circle to search for humanity’s last hope. But in an age filled with hate, mistrust and cannibalism, is there any hope left?

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