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Enrico Croce Enrico Croce 05/03/2021 6 min read
Newly inducted SMA MasterClass member, Momo Sanse is the first international creator to receive an award in Monthly Comic Zenon’s Manga Taisho ! Manga Taisho is a manga contest where artists develop and submit a solidly entertaining story within 39 pages. The contest isn’t only judged by professional mangaka and manga editors, but also booksellers and the reading pubic, in order to assess the marketability of the work.
A page from the English version of "Max of the Back Alley" - go on the bottom of this article to read the whole translated manga!

A page from “Max of the Back Alley” – go on the bottom of this article to read the English version of this manga!

In the 21st edition of Manga Taisho, Momo was awarded with the “Honorable mention” and “Best manga” in the readers survey for his entry Max of the Back Alley. A hard-boiled manga based in Milan, the story follows young delivery boy Max when he delivers a pizza to the wrong person in his rough neighborhood. With glowing comments from the judges, including guest judge AMIDA Muku-sensei, creator of the hugely popular Meshinuma, Momo’s entry certainly made waves…
Hara-sensei comment: The manga is well structured around the character’s emotions and plot development, allowing the reader to perfectly understand the story. However, the plot lacks surprising elements that result in pretty orthodox sequences in many parts. For his next manga, I want to see the creator more focused on how to entertain the readers.
Mr. Shishido (from animate bookstore): It was a very easy to read story thanks to the perfectly executed KI-SHO-TEN-KETSU structure. I think this is a manga that leaves a pleasant feeling of satisfaction​ in its readers. I can’t wait to read the next work from this manga creator.
AMIDA Muku-sensei:
All the entries were very fun to read. Thanks to their different characteristics, I was entertained on so many levels. I had the pleasure of noticing that the creators put lot of effort in defining their drawings to create entertaining scenes. Many entries would have been better if they had more incisive dialogues or paneling, so next time please keep this in mind when creating more charming works. Also, remember that readers will understand only what is shown to them on page, so I really suggest you question if what you draw in your panels is clear enough to be understood. This applies to not only the story, but also the aspect or behaviour of characters that will leave a better impression on your readers. A good way to improve your works would be to incorporate your passion or favourite items. Always consult with your editor and the people around you to receive precious feedback and then incorporate these ideas effectively in your work.
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Read “Max of the Back Alley” in English HERE

Enrico Croce

Enrico Croce