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Manga Nutcracker #1 – Fist of the Blue Sky

Vivi Vivi 20/02/2018 6 min read
Manga Nutcracker with Vivi! Welcome to this new series of articles! Where I will take manga in a nutshell and crack it!     Fist of the Blue Sky Manga by Hara Tetsuo Supervisor by Buronson First published: 2001     A heavy smoker who doesn’t look strong, can actually make heads explode like tomatoes using just one finger!             If you know Kenshiro from “Hokuto no Ken”, then you’d be even more glad to know that he had an uncle… sort of! “Fist of the Blue Sky” stars Kasumi Kenshiro, the 62nd successor of Hokuto Shinken, the deadliest art of assassination handed down on generations. Not being in apocalyptic world, but pre-WW2 Japan, Mr. Kasumi is a teacher in an all-female college! Girls poke fun at this laid-back, odd yet frienddly, teacher from time to time. He simply doesn’t look like the kind of a guy to use the deadliest of martial arts there ever was. All changes when Kasumi is visited by an old friend of his from Shanghai China! He is a messenger that connects Mr. Kasumi to his past… Mr. Kasumi left China, to keep distance from the deadly battle of gangs in war time Shanghai, where he was known better by his alias, “King of Death”.  

Should Enrico be worried from now on?

  He was a member of a sect, who fought to keep Shanghai in order, a city under invasion from global super powers. A battle they thought they had won. Being the strongest fighter there was, he knew his continued presence there will only endanger the lives of his loved ones. One night, he left quietly believing his absence was the last piece of the puzzle, that will keep the city in peace… What the old man had to say, destroyed all his hopes. It seems the only hope there is to restore order in the city, is his deadliest fist. Action unfolds upon his arrival in the Shanghai, but unlike Hokuto this Kenshiro is full of wit and dark humor!! It generally isn’t nice to kill anyone, but when a villain is ever so purely and overly evil, bringing justice upon them feels that much enjoyable with his darkest of wit delivered by the trademarked blow! His sarcastic one liners are a treat to the readers and his good nature add a charm to his strength. His unstoppable resolve and pride make him the kind of character that you just feel the need to know more! With incredible action scenes, dramatic moments and Kenshiro’s personality, Fist of the blue Sky just demands your attention until the very end👊!  

Who needs forks when you have ball pens?

  Did my “Nut-cracking” made you want to read “Fist of the Blue Sky”? If so please voice your opinions so I can deliver your voice to Hara sensei! If not, how could I make my “Nut-Cracking” better, maybe you can guide me on twitter with #mangacracker ! I will be nut-cracking more great mangas to introduce you every week. See you next Tuesday! Twitter – @SmacViVi Facebook – Vivi Fabbri Smac