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Manga cracker #17 Attack on Titan

Vivi Vivi 12/06/2018 6 min read
  Attack on Titan   By Hajime Isayama Published by Kodansha 2009 ~  

“A boy with a thirst for freedom and revenge, swears to prove himself by annihilating humanity’s worst foe…the mighty Titans!”

            Have you ever wondered what the world is like? Ever had a yearning to travel the length and breadth of the land and experience all the world had to offer?   Then you share the thought’s of protagonist, Eien Yeager, but in Attack on Titan, exploring the world can be fatal!   Over a hundred years ago, the Titans appeared, virtually wiping out humanity in their wake. The last remnant humankind gathered to together, within a huge, walled city. This last attempt at holding onto civilization comes at a great cost, their virtual imprisonment from the outside world.   Eien, tired of living behind huge walls, dreams of joining the elite Survey Corps, the city’s defecto military and last line of defense against the destructive Titans. The Survey Corps specialize in venturing out, into the world to gather information on their enemy.   His resolve is strengthened when the city is attacked by the biggest Titan ever seen. At a staggering 50 meters tall, the Titan easily dismantles the protective wall and enters the city. In the confusion of the attack, Eien’s mother is badly injured, making her easy prey for the hungry Titan.   5 years on, Eien is combat ready and eager for revenge. Joined by his best friend Mikasa, they enlist in the Survey Corps with the dream of resurrecting the pride and dignity of the human race.  
Nutcracking Time!
  Attack on Titan immediately grabbed me by using a method, seldom used in manga, the time skip.     Time skips can be tricky to use, and even trickier to pull off, though they can prove useful when setting up a backstory to allow for the action in the present.   This manga is a great example of how to begin a story, slap bang in the middle of the action. But the real strength with Attack on Titan is the ability to erase shocking questions that will ensure the reader keeps turning the page.   The protagonist starts out as a rebellious little boy, filled with frustration at being caged. Unafraid at what awaits humanity beyond the walls, he constantly clashes with his fearful, caring family.   His wish for freedom, revenge and hatred is what drives Eien, making him a powerful character. With hard expressions and dramatic situations, this hero’s journeys promises to be filled with many hurdles, that will leave the readers speechless and wanting more.    


“How you start a manga really decides if readers turn the page or not!”

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