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Kakimoji S.O.S. #20 – Tomizawa sensei Kakimoji special! (PART 02)

Enrico Croce Enrico Croce 05/07/2018 8 min read
Kakimoji and Ramen fans, CIAO! Following on from last week, I now present the sensational Kakimoji of “Menkichi the Avanger PART 2”! But before we jump into the action, I want also to inform all you dear readers, that Kakimoto S.O.S. writer Enrico has an important announcement: 
He wants you to get involved in Kakimoji S.O.S.! Do you have any questions about Kakimoji? Which is the beat to use? Or which kakimoji would you like to know more about? You see, in the next week’s article, I want to cover your queries about Kakimoji and, of course, manga techniques. I will reply using my growing manga editing experience, not to mention my love of manga! Please use SNS or comment on the column section.
    The quest for knowledge is the pillar of creation, let’s all go a long way to ask questions!           So, let’s talk about the Kakimoji used in “Menkichi the Avager”! As I explained, Kakimoji play an important role in showing contrast between “masculine and feminine” usage.  Keeping this logic in mind, Tomizawa sensei’s work uses a lot of “common” and “uncommon” daily events, and therefore, Kakimoji plays an important role. A good example of “common” and “uncommon” life contrasts in a story that they are two completely different factors, such as “ramen” and “killing” existing simultaneously in story. This uniqueness is the reason why this manga is so special, and remainsin the heart of so many fans!    ● “Common” and “Uncommon” Common Kakimoji 

ドン!(DON!), ほわわ (HOWAWA)

By looking at the Kakimoji when ramen is offered in a daily scene (or rather, when the main character is just a noodle shop owner) they are designed using a cute font, hoodwinking the reader to the sweeper’s true role in the manga. DON! Even if the Kakimoji itself has a strong sound, re-enforced by the “!” At the end, it’s a cute design and arranged in the panel to make it sound soft, enabling a quiet sensation.   Uncommon Kakimoji  

ビュルルウ (BYURURU) バシ (BASHI) バシーン バシーン (BASHIIN BASHIIN)

The uncommon instances, the “manga moment” to it better say, is when the protagonist show his true personality and becomes the avenger Menkichi! Ramen that looked so tasty before, is now a powerful weapon. The design, once soft and quite, is now sharp and direct!  This is the force of battle in manga, where weapons are nothing more than ramen-power!   Just look at the protagonist’s unusual way of confronting his enemies, turning a simple green onion into a lethal weapon!   Well, looking at the category of attacks, Kakimoji of this scene is very impressive.   Common Kakimoji   The Kakimoji “♫” emirates from the character playing his guitar. Even if this can be considered a drawing itself, it’s quite certain that Tomizawa sensei wanted the musical notes to be represented more as a Kakimoji, rather than a singing voice.   Uncommon Kakimoji     The previous, beautiful effect from the music representation of “♫” has disappeared, and now changed to a horrible sound! This is the biggest showroom of Kakimoji, a dramatic change in tone color (from pure white sound to noisy black shape).  This contrast will be unforgettable in the memory of any reader.  

キュルル (KYURURU, the tire rubs with drift) バアア (BAA, sounds approaching vigorously) ドゴン (DOGON, heavy collision sound)

I love Tarantino movies! Many of his films have a very “manga” quality in the scenes.  As explained in City Hunter’s Kakimoji special, Kakimoji play a very big role in setting the tone of comedy scene or a serious scenes. Tarantino’s movies also have excellent balance between common and uncommon events. Try to think: you are laughing at the level of insane detail of the characters conversation and then, suddenly, a powerful car scene plays out, leaving you breathless.  The gap and speedy turnover leads to the reminder that THIS COULD BE MANGA! “Menkichi the Avanger” is perfect good example of this.    ★ But common Menkichi is charming too!   Tomizawa sensei’s “pretty Kakimoji” has many elements to study and learn from!   What are you thoughts on the Kakimoji of “Menkichi the Avanger”? Comedy, gourmet, battle, drama… If you have any questions for Tomisawa sensei (who is just next to my desk), now is your chance! See you again next week! CIAO!  
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Enrico Croce

Enrico Croce