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Great Manga Intro: Are you STAR WARS or INDIANA JONES? Japanese Manga 101 – #014

Taiyo Nakashima Taiyo Nakashima 17/04/2015 4 min read
Today’s we’ll show you how you can create the greatest introduction for Manga! Pro editors and artists always talk about the importance of

“The First Scene”.

They say that a manga’s success is almost completely determined by the introduction. This is how serious they are about getting the intro right. Why? Well we’ve talked this before and here’s a recap: No matter how good your manga is, if a reader doesn’t like the 1st page, then he won’t read the rest of your manga! We know this from experience. All successful manga have a great intro. So, the all important “First Scene”. There are two ways to create one. Let us elaborate:   First, there is the

The“STAR WARS” way

starwars The story begins with the famous introductory text, which scrolls away into the distance. For Sci-Fi and history manga, the setting may need a little explanation. Opening with narrative, either text or spoken, is a popular method. Next,


indiana “Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark” opens with a scene of the hero, Indy, at an archeological site with thrilling action. This shows the viewer what kind of person and how charming Indy is. A brilliant example of introducing your character to the world!   For Manga, the one you learn first is the INDIANA JONES way! The more thrilling the intro is, the more your reader will be drawn into the story. They sympathize with the character and enter the world of manga together and deeper with them. If you really must use the STAR WARS way of using texts and narratives, keep in mind that it is extremely difficult to grab the reader’s attention in this way. When you introduce the main character, it must be even more dramatic than otherwise, to compensate for the use of text. gotit GOT IT? In the next episode, we’ll show you how to make your character COME ALIVE in the intro. See you next time!
Taiyo Nakashima

Taiyo Nakashima