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Editors on the Manga Trip! @ Kyo-Maf

While at Kyoto Manga Anime Fair, seasoned Manga editors from Comic-Zenon were also at stand-by to read and give advise to future Manga-Ka’s, bringing in their Manga works to be read.

There were many “Mobile Editing Team” from established Manga magazines at Kyo-Maf.

Often, young Manga-ka’s are discovered and recruited this way. For each bright young talent, there is usually one editor woking side-by-side, to give advise and tips (sometimes general supervising or wine-and-dine type brainstorming etc…) to hone  their skills and making better Manga, aiming for debut on established magazines one day…

Do you have a mentor, or someone who can give advise to your works from professional point of view?

This is a style of Manga-ka and editors working together has become very established in Japanese Manga production.

Maybe the editors will visit your country one day? 😉

Taiyo Nakashima

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