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BAKEMON – SMAC! Character contest submission agreement

The submission agreement for “BAKEMON – SMAC! Character contest submission agreement”

[日本語の訳文は英語の後に続きます – Japanese translation follows. The agreement is valid in English only, other language translations are provided here for the convenience of the contestants. There is no need to read the translated version(s), if you can read the original English version. ]


BAKEMON – SMAC! Character Contest” Submission Agreement

By participating in the BAKEMON – SMAC! Character Contest, you agree to be bound by the following agreement with Coamix Co., Ltd.  In this agreement Coamix Co., Ltd is called “Coamix,” and Coamix together with North Stars Pictures, Inc. and its other affiliated companies and owners, the other parties involved in the SILENT MANGA AUDITION and their organizers (including SMAC!), editors, officers and other employees are collectively called the “SILENT MANGA AUDITION Committee.”

If you are not legally an adult in your jurisdiction, your parent or guardian must consent.

By participating in the BAKEMON – SMAC! Character Contest you are representing that your submission is solely your work, that it has not yet been used or otherwise published anywhere, that it is not an imitation, parody, or otherwise a version of some other work and that it does not violate the rights of any other person or entity.  Specifically, while submissions may be inspired by real persons, they may not be recognizable as, and must not defame, any real person.  You acknowledge that SILENT MANGA AUDITION Committee receives many submissions and may separately develop a character similar to yours.  You agree that nothing you submit will be returned.  All of the information in your submission (including your legal name) is correct.

If you are awarded a prize, without further compensation you irrevocably assign and transfer to Coamix and its licensees and assignees all copyrights (including, without limitation, all rights under Articles 21 through 26, Article 27 and Article 28 of the Copyright Act) and other rights in the submission.

Regardless of whether you are awarded a prize, by participating in the BAKEMON – SMAC! Character Contest, you grant Coamix and its designated licensees and assignees, without compensation, the irrevocable, non-exclusive right to publish, use, adapt, edit, translate, alter, arrange, transform and modify your submission, including by publishing, use in movies and displaying your manga on the internet (on sites it controls and on sites controlled by MediBang Co., Ltd.), for any purpose and in any context, alone and in conjunction with any other material, and to use your name, age, country and other information you provide in connection with the BAKEMON – SMAC! Character Contest, and you also agree not to assert any moral rights against the SILENT MANGA AUDITION Committee, its licensees or assignees.

You are permitted to distribute and otherwise use your submission on the condition that you agree to, and do, include an indication that it is an entrant in the BAKEMON – SMAC! Character Contest with a link to the site

The submission will be considered as published in Japan first, and will therefore be subject to the copyright law of Japan.

Should either of the following circumstances be found to apply to a submission, it will be disqualified:

1. Your submission was already submitted to another manga contest, or was otherwise already published or used.
2. Your submission could reasonably be seen to belong to, or in some way infringe on the rights/profits of or defame, a third party.

By participating in the BAKEMON – SMAC! Character Contest, you agree, to the maximum extent permissible, to release, indemnify and hold harmless the SILENT MANGA AUDITION Committee from any liability arising from your participation, including without limitation, legal claims, costs, losses or damages, demand or actions of any kind. The SILENT MANGA AUDITION Committee reserves the right to cancel or modify the BAKEMON – SMAC! Character Contest if fraud, technical failures, commercial practicability or any other factor, in the SILENT MANGA AUDITION Committee’s reasonable judgment makes its conduct impractical. The SILENT MANGA AUDITION Committee assumes no liability whatsoever for losses incurred as a result of cancellation or modification of the BAKEMON – SMAC! Character Contest or from downloading any material from the BAKEMON – SMAC! Character Contest web site or from the content of third party web sites that may be linked to the BAKEMON – SMAC! Character Contest web site by a hypertext link.

This is a legal agreement that will be interpreted in accordance with the law of Japan.  This agreement may not be terminated, revoked or waived without a writing signed by you and Coamix, and there is no other agreement, written or otherwise, between us on this subject matter.  Any dispute between you and any SILENT MANGA AUDITION Committee party that cannot be resolved by discussion shall be resolved in Tokyo District Court.



日本語参考訳 [ Japanese translated version for reference only ]

「BAKEMON – SMAC!キャラクター・コンテスト」応募規約


「BAKEMON – SMAC!キャラクター・コンテスト」(以下「本イベント」といいます)に作品を提出し、参加する人物(以下「応募者」といいます)は株式会社コアミックスと次の契約に拘束されることに合意します。本契約上、株式会社コアミックスと株式会社ノース・スターズ・ピクチャーズ及びその関連会社、所有者、その他の本イベントに関与する企画(SMAC!を含む)及びそれらの主催者、編集者、役員及びその他の従業員を「 SILENT MANGA AUDITION Committee 」と総称します。(以下、「主催者」といいます。)







応募者が、提出物を個人として配信及びその他の用途に使用したい場合、主催者はその作品が「BAKEMON – SMAC!キャラクター・コンテスト応募作品」であることを、 へのリンクと共に表示する事を前提に、これを承諾します。








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