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Christopher Tordoff Christopher Tordoff 10/10/2018 3 min read

Hello Silent Manga Audition Community!

We are overjoyed to announce the “Celebrating Manga in…” campaign!

But what is this exciting new event you may ask? Well, it’s a chance for us to look back at the wonderfully entertaining manga of past SMA entries, with regular SNS updates of course!

This retrospective walk down memory lane will also have another important role. Every month we will shine a light on manga from a different country around the world. By showcasing the past entries from that month’s Focus Country, we hope to engage you in discussion about domestic manga, while also encouraging new creators from that country to join the SILENT MANGA AUDITION®!

This month, we shine a light on Thailand with Suthamon and Preau’s award winning manga Home:


ROUND: SMA3 (2015)


CREATOR: Suthamon and Preau

COUNTRY: Thailand

CREATOR’S VOICE: “Our memories are still in our home, every single thing in our home has its own story.”

MESSAGE TO THE READER: “Homesick is not because we are missing home – but we are missing somebody at home.”

      Please feel free to comment, share and encourage the many creators of Thailand to join the Community, as we CELEBRATE MANGA IN THAILAND!  


SMAC Editorial Team

Christopher Tordoff

Christopher Tordoff