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New Devilman Animated Film in the Works! First Visuals Online!!

Crank-In says that a new animated film based on Go Nagai-sensei’s masterpiece Devilman is in production! First visuals are already on the web!!


Devilman began serialization in 1972 in the Weekly Shonen Magazine (Kodansha) and has enjoyed strong popularity around the world.

Devilman, a series which is said to have influenced a generation of manga authors, artists and creators, has already been adapted into a wide range of media formats, including a TV anime, OVA and a live action film.

As such, all eyes are on this new incarnation which will be hitting the theatres soon! Keep your eyes peeled for more information!


Here at SMAC! Web magazine, we have a special interview with the manga artist behind Devilman, the one and only Go Nagai-sensei! Now is a great time to check out what the master has to say about Silent Manga!!

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