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manga nutcracker#8

Vivi Vivi 11/04/2018 6 min read

“A boy with an elastic body want to become the Pirate King!”

  Set in an age of swashbuckling adventure, the world’s most famous pirate, Gol. D. Roger, disappears. In his wake he leaves behind some treasure, plus the promise of the biggest, and most sought-after treasure in the world…the “One Piece”. Whosoever discovers this magnificent treasure will be proclaimed the “Pirate King” and rule the oceans.   The protagonist, Luffy D. Monkey, is a boy with a passion for piracey and a super elastic body to boot! The effects of inadvertently eating the Devil’s Fruit, this rubbery power comes at a price, for those who have eaten this forbidden fruit will be hated by the sea, including an inability to swim it’s bottle green depths.   With a will of iron and an unquenchable taste for adventure, Luffy follows in the footsteps of his pirate hero Shanks, and sets forth on his quest for the “One Piece”. Along his journey, he will encounter many friends and foes, promising more and more exciting adventures to come!   Nutcracking time!   One Piece is a fantastic example of simple drama, deepest friendship and the magic of the unexpected all working together in harmony. At its very core, the story grows from a very simple storytelling seed: A boy who dreams of becoming a pirate.   So, what is it that is important in crafting an entertaining story? In the case of One Piece, it’s the ability to view friendship, belief, trust and pride through an exaggerated lense. The manga effectively and hilariously recalls all these special little moments, moments we all experience in life and presents them in an engaging way that instantly wins our hearts.   Simple storytelling, brimming with strong emotions and expressive characters make up this hilariously thrilling adventure on the high seas. So “batten down the hatches”, grab a bottle ‘o’ rum and settle down for a “yo, ho, yo ho” time with One Piece!!   Where is Wasamon?   Visuals The life of an artist is to be recognised for their own style. Eiichiro Oda broke the mold of the manga drawing style with One Piece, establishing his place as a maverick in the manga world. A native of Kumamoto, this enigmatic mangaka cherrypicked the styles of many an established artist and crafted them all into a unique and engaging style, never before seen. Proof that there are no rules in manga!   Protagonist The very essence of Luffy’s journey throughout the manga is one of discovery. Whether it’s an unknown island, or the first to seriously search for a much sought after treasure, or even discerning the hidden depths of his comrades, Luffy is driven by a need to open the book on previously unknown wonders. This need for consuming new experiences is what keeps One Piece fresh, and ensures the reader comes back for more, again and again. Truly the spirit of Wasamon!      

” can’t wait to see the Wasamon spirit of all my SMAC! friends!”

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