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“World’s biggest…?” Creating the main character / Japanese Manga 101 – #005

Here’s the video:


When we pros work with an Manga artist, we spend more time discussing the characters, rather than stories. Once you have a good, lively character, you only need animate that person, to come up with episodes and storylines.

There are three elements that we work, on developing the main character : Exaggeration, Surprise, and Sympathy.

We begin, with Exaggeration.



Any great main character, must have unique charms. To create that charm, we add adjectives like this, to character description…
“The world most…”!!



Here are some examples.

The world’s baddest loser


The world’s laziest person


The funniest clown in the world


The man with the world’s most softest soft spot for women?



By exaggerating to the world class, we make that aspect of the character, clear and easy to understand. With that strong “charm point”, Your character will dance more lively! Driving the new episodes.
Even with just an ordinary guy, what would “The world’s most ordinary, no good at absolutely anything guy” do? There can be plenty of stories from there. This is how you, begin creating a charming character.




This is actually a very fun challenge! What will your, “World’s most…” character do?
Send your ideas here on YouTube or Facebook, or in the comment section below, and we will give you advise on that too!

In the following episodes, we will look deeper, on “Surprise” and “Sympathy”. See you next time!

Taiyo Nakashima