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Revealed! Brazilian Manga Chef shows the FUTURE of FOOD! – 
Hello Award Winners #19 Edson Kohatsu

Enrico Croce Enrico Croce 11/10/2017 11 min read
    NIGHT FEVER ALL THE WEEK! Brazilian TRAVOLTA’s STAYING ALIVE! To all the SMA-Community (the creators, the readers and the editors) he says “The best is yet to come”! Hello, Edson Kohatsu!  
  “As long as I can remember, I have been drawing everywhere.  

Edson’s self-portrait

  1) How did you begin creating Manga? As long as I can remember, I have been drawing everywhere. I loved to draw on walls, bread wrapping paper and so on. Manga and comics came to my life when I visited one manga & comic convention.   2) What is your working environment like? Are you an analogue or digital person? Any unique tools you use to draw? My working environment is quite simple: a computer and a table (Wacon). Right now, I am a digital person, but at the beginning, since there were not computers nor the current technology, I used to work with India inks, watercolours, pens and rulers.    
  “Eudetenis told me about SMAC!”   3) Anything the world should know about where you live? Interesting events/sights/foods/culture etc? I live in Curitiba for twenty years, known as “green city”, one of the most ecological cities in Brazil. Due to the great number of public parks and gardens, the citizens love to visit them on sunny and warm days!  

A church made by ukrainian immigrants community, in Tingui -Curitiba

  4) Popular comics/manga in your country at this moment? “One Piece”, “Fairy Tail”, “Naruto”, and “Dragon Ball” are the best known manga. But classic titles like “Akira”, “Hadashi no Gen” and “Ghost in the Shell” have been published by local publishers as well and have their fans around Brazil.   5) Are locally created comics/manga popular in your town? Do you know any local creators?  Here in Curitiba there is a comics and manga library. They hold, comics drawing courses are promoted as well. However, compared to other countries where manga and comics have a strong fan base, the Brazilian comics artists (like myself) must fight for regular jobs. I have been published my independent comics “Relinkarium” and joined a creators group for a collective comics book called “O Gralha”. As a coincidence, Eudetenis (who won Gran Prix Runner UP in SMA7), was the person who gave me the first directions for SILENT MANGA AUDITION®. I want to thank Eudetenis once again for the support and SMAC! staff for the opportunity to show my work!  

My friend Fabio (left), comic book writer of “Relinkarium” – release day.

    “My main inspiration came from internet.”   6) How long did it take to create the entry? Three months from concept to finish.   7) What was the main inspiration?
For this entry, I was looking on internet videos related to “taste” and “flavours”. I’ve found out two references: one was “Ratattouille”, the famous 3D animation movie. The other one was a video of two comedians challenging each other eating hot peppers! My entry initial concept was a kind of cooking competition where the competitors challenge each other with emotional memories, ending up a sad story.  I have decided to put a little more of humor on that initial concept and have inserted more exaggerated reactions scenes.
  8) Is there a prize for the winner? That’s a good question! A large amount of money or a free meal, maybe? I didn’t decide it when I was drawing the entry.   9) How does the girl spot the rival’s past? When the man takes off his jacket, the girl spots a big tattoo on his arm where she can see a tribute to his father. She bet on the strength of the memories between father and son.     10) Why just vegetables in the fights? I looked for exotic and strange taste foods, and I’ve found out foods like Iceland Hákari (rotten shark meat, ugh!) or surströmming (canned fermented Swedish fish), but at the end, it was difficult to draw a convincing drawing without using any letter. So, I decided to draw the easily recognisable foods. In the final round, the girl uses fish and barbecue sauce to make the opponent recall his memories having a camp with his father.     11) Do you enjoy cooking yourself? I tried to cook to my family very few times. For coincidence, fish dishes!   12) What is your favourite SMA7 entry? The SMA7 had great entries. My favourite one is Eudetenis “Grandma’s Flavor”. Emotional and very well done manga, I like the development of the characters the most. For the art, I love Lüleiya’s “Taste of Nostalgia”! Thanks to SMAC! we can find so many great talented mangaka around the world! It’s amazing.    
  “I want to acquire higher skills, make a job out of my manga passion!”   12) What are your future expectations? I want to acquire higher skills, make a job out of my manga passion and share my experiences with the other creators in my country!   13) What do you expect to achieve by taking part in SMACommunity – The fans, readers and the Japanese pros? SMA-Community is the best chance to any manga creators around the world. I hope to see more entries from even more countries next year!   14) Anything else you would like to share with the community? I started to learn Japanese because of my manga passion. Manga creators seemed to me like people from another planet. But now we live in a world of fast changes, and SMAC is proof of these changes! I feel lucky for living these days. The best is yet to come!  

“Relinkarium” – My self-published sci fi comic book’s promotional poster

  Thank you, Edson! Your manga passion and determination reached us shone upon us like a disco ball! We can’t wait to read your next entry! SHOW TO ALL SMAC! YOUR (yet to come) BEST! Join now SMA9 round! The deadline is March 2018! Be sure to join it and chose up to 1 of the three themes! Click the picture below and be part of the community! Start-up your manga future now! See you next time! Bye bye~
Enrico Croce

Enrico Croce