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SMAC! MANGA DOJO #2 – "Manga starts from a doodle!"

Mayuna Mizutani Mayuna Mizutani 26/02/2018 8 min read
<Characters> Penmaru Is a ninja dog who dreams of becoming the greatest manga creator in the animal world. To help achieve his dream, Mocchi gives him a mission… “Learn how to create manga at the Manga Dojo.” His favorite genre of manga is “Adventure”.   “Shihan” Manga Master The master of the dojo and Penmaru’s tutor in the ways of manga. An experienced editor who’s worked in the manga industry for over 30 years. His favorite genre of manga is “Spo-Kon (Sports Tenacity)”.   <Previously in MANGA DOJO…> Ninja dog, Penmaru entered the Manga Dojo on the recommendation of Mocchi. There, he encountered “Shihan”, a passionate manga tutor who has devoted his life to manga. Overawed by the passion of Master Shihan, Penmaru couldn’t help blurting out “No!” when asked if he was prepared to die for the glory of manga. However, Master Shihan’s response was an unexpected one…  

Ep.2 ”Manga starts from a doodle!”

  Penmaru: Hyeeeee!! I… I… I caaaaaaan’t!   Shihan: Yeah, really!!! Penmaru: EEEEEEEEEEE!?!?!?!?!?!?   Shihan: After all, you’re just a little cub starting out on your Manga journey (*Pat on the shoulder*) Penmaru: (What’s with his smile…??)   Shihan: You cannot become truly determined in an instant. Determination is something you gain from disciplined drawing in the process of creating manga. Unfocused “determination” can, in fact become a fetter as you grow as a manga creator. Shihan: Focused determination and technique comes later. If you have time to worry about the future, you should look back to the starting point.   Penmaru: S… starting point?   Shihan: Penmaru, do you remember the first time you drew?   Penmaru: The first time…? Penmaru: (I hardly remember… Was it my mom? A cat? Might have been poop…?) Penmaru: … I’m sorry Master Shihan, don’t remember.   Shihan: The first time you drew anything… It might have been a doodle or a drawing just for fun…nothing special.   Penmaru: Y, yes…!   Shihan: Good!! I’ll let you into a ‘secret’, the true nature of manga is…”doodling”!!   Penmaru: Eeeh!? Doodling is the “nature” of manga!?   Shihan: The “God of Manga” Osamu Tezuka sensei tells us in his book, “Manga No Kakikata (How to draw manga)”:
“… Manga starts from a doodle. Manga is not about comic magazines you see in the bookstands at stations – they are manga, made by professionals…Even the scribbles you see inside the toilet are good manga. It’s easy to doodle. It’s not like you have to show it to anyone, and you can draw anything you like. Even if you’re bad at drawing, you can doodle away in peace. THAT is the true nature of manga. And this is exactly what makes manga different from other styles of drawings…”
According to Tezuka sensei, manga is merely “a visual expression of your desire”. There’s no difference between doodling and manga, because you are simply drawing your desires in a way that is fun – just for you.   Penmaru: I see! That’s right!   Shihan: The important thing is to never forget that “FUN” feeling you felt when doodling your first drawing, and keep drawing! Tezuka sensei also says…
“If you happen to dream of becoming a professional manga creator…just keep drawing as much as you can. If you continue drawing, year after year without loosing your passion, your fortune should come come to you by some turn of fate…”
If you want to become a professional, then there’s only one thing you must focus on. If you have any time planning for the future or worrying about how to contact an editor, or even what to do after you turn professional… you NEED to draw any and everything that you find fun and entertaining!   Penmaru: I see! So I should draw as much as I can, even if it’s just a doodle!! Penmaru: Alright then! I’m burning inside! I’m gonna draw lots and lots!   Shihan: H..hold it Penmaru…the story isn’t…   Penmaru: Shihan!! I’ve just filled 10 notebooks up with my drawings, so I’ll buy 10,000 more notebooks on Amazon! Here I goooooooooooooo!!   Shihan: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!?!?!   Shihan’s words has lit a passionate fire in the belly of Penmaru! Pens are scribbling, ink is flowing, pages are piling and bills are ever increasing… Will there really be any money to continue this series!?  
Script: Mayuna Mizutani – Follow me on Twitter and Facebook Illustration: Roberto F. – Support him on Instagram, Facebook & Tweet your questions / opinions / reviews at #SMACMangaDojo, and I will answer! 😉
Mayuna Mizutani

Mayuna Mizutani