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Mayuna Mizutani Mayuna Mizutani 15/02/2018 13 min read
The SMA-EX “KUMAMOTO Round” is back! The world’s biggest International Manga Award, “SILENT MANGA AUDITION®” is once again holding another EXTRA ROUND, in collaboration with “KUMAMOTO International Manga Festival”  
  What is the “KUMAMOTO International Manga Festival”? The “KUMAMOTO International Manga Fes.” is an exciting manga event, held in the city of Kumamoto, Japan. Now in it’s second round, the festival debuted in April 2017 (associated with SMA-EX2), with the theme “From the World to Kumamoto, with Smiles.” A huge success, the inaugural event drew lots of visitors from across the globe. This year, the Festival is back with the theme “WASAMON – Give it a try!”, tying the world to this beautiful city. So let’s bring the people of the world to Kumamoto with the power of YOUR manga!   SMA-EX3 THEME

Theme: “WASAMON – Give it a try!”

“Wasamon (早生者 / わさもん)” is a concept found solely in the Kumamoto dialect. Literally translating as “a person with a fertile curiosity who welcomes change and new challenges”. A concept that perfectly sums up the people of Kumamoto! SMA-EX3 is eager for your manga and illustrations, showcasing characters that are brimming with the spirit of fertile curiosity and an innate desire to experience new and exciting challenges. We want YOUR work for SMA-EX3 to grab the attention of the innovative people of Kumamoto with fantastical tales, that encapsulate the spirit of “WASAMON”!   So what really is WASAMON? – Comments from Mocchi
“In Kumamoto, the seekers of new challenges and innovation are known as “Wasamon”. These “neophiliac” people of Kumamoto are drawn to fresh ideas and and intriguing concepts. In fact, it is widely thought that anything trending in Kumamoto will trend in Tokyo soon after. Because of this desire to embrace unique challenges, Kumamoto has given rise to many, globally popular manga creators and animators, as well as pioneering designers and forward thinkers. The word “Wasamon” epitomizes “fertile curiosity”, “a willingness to challenge anything”, “the need to WOW people with new ideas” and “an adventurous desire to seek out the unknown”. “Luffy”, the protagonist of ONE PIECE is the epitome of “Wasamon”, a character driven by a desire to seek out the unknown, challenge the norm and seek out his fortune (which isn’t surprising, Eiichiro Oda sensei is from Kumamoto after all). Kumamoto is a city steeped in “WASAMONS”, represented by the lovable “KUMAMON”!

SILENT MANGA AWARD: PM 11:59 / 23:59 of MAY 31st, 2018 (In YOUR timezone)

ILLUSTRATION AWARD: PM 11:59 / 23:59 of AUG 10th, 2018 (In YOUR timezone)

1. SILENT MANGA Category 1-17 pages per entry (Strongly Recommended) Color: All pages in Black/White (Strongly Recommended)

Manga submissions closed.

  2. ILLUSTRATION Category Only 1 page per entry! Color: Color or Black/White

“Illustration Award” Please Enter from here.

  RULES/GUIDELINE Basic rules follow the Regular SMA rounds, with these additional guidelines:

– “Smile-inducing, heart-warming episodes that show the creator’s will to entertain” will receive the highest awards. – Show the scenery of Kumamoto in your work! – NO DEPICTIONS THAT INFRINGE ON THIRD PARTY’S TRADEMARKS or COPYRIGHTS – Regrettably, NO “KUMAMON” this time please. (However, we’d like to show our deepest respect and love for Kumamon-san, Kumamoto’s most beloved bear.



+ High achievers will be invited to Japan for the award ceremony! * Sponsored Prizes TBD!


HAPPIEST!!! JPY 50,000 HAPPIER!! JPY 20,000 HAPPY! JPY 10,000

  HOW TO JOIN AUDITION We require all contestants to send through the uploader. Please click HERE for details.   WORDS FROM THE CHARIMAN
“Thank you for the overwhelming support from all over the world. Last year’s “SMA-EX2 KUMAMOTO International Manga Festival” would not have been the success it was without you. Aiming to “bring smiles and laughter to Kumamoto”, we held an extra round for manga creators and illustrators, with the theme “Smiles + Kumamoto”. As a result, we received 209 manga from 39 countries and regions and 551 illustrations from 59 countries and regions, all within 2 months! A fantastic result! “KUMAMOTO International Manga Fes.” was held as an international event that exhibited and awarded the highest achieving manga creators from around the world. Thanks to all of you, the event was a great success, enabling us to bring lots of smiles to the people of Kumamoto. We cannot thank you enough! Now, with the cooperation of Kumamoto’s executives, companies and universities, we are excited to announce that the “SMA-EX3 KUMAMOTO International Manga Festival 2018” will commence in September this year! We hope to make this event bigger and brighter than last time! Kumamoto is found in the far south western regions of Japan, far from the centrally located, bustling hub of Tokyo or historic Kyoto. But that hasn’t stopped this city from producing many popular manga creators, including Eiichiro Oda sensei of ONE PIECE, and Takehiko Inoue sensei of SLAM DUNK and Vagabond. It’s a city that is home to a unique people, trailblazers in innovative thinking (=WASAMON). A kingdom of creativity, populated by pioneers of change, resulting from their unwavering fertile curiosity. Our goal is to make the “KUMAMOTO International Manga Fes” an event where manga creators from all over the world can take part and communicate through their common love of manga creation. This festival will see the birth of many future stars of manga, kickstarting the hopeful careers of all who enter SMA-EX3 “KUMAMOTO International Manga Fes. 2018.” It can all begin from your single entry! We look forward to reading all of your magnificent works.”
  Manga Creaters who have lived in KUMAMOTO

Takehiko Inoue (‘SLAM DUNK’, ‘VAGABOND’) Kyosuke Usuta (‘Foodfighter Tabelu’, ‘Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san’) Hisashi Eguchi (‘SUSUME PIRATES’, ‘Stop!! Hibari-kun!’) Koji Ooishi (‘Lycopene the Tomatoy Poodle’, ‘Inumarudashi’) Eiichiro Oda (‘ONE PIECE’) Noboru Kawasaki (‘Star of the Giants’, ‘Inakappe Taisho’) Yuya Kanzaki (‘Ouroboros’, ‘Funōhan’) Mizuho Kusanagi (‘Yona of the Dawn’, ‘NG Life’) Yua Kotegawa (‘Anne Freaks’, ‘ARCANA’) Reiko Shimizu (‘Himitsu – Top Secret’, ‘Moon Child’) Kenichi Sonoda (‘Gunsmith Cats’, ‘Riding Bean’) Kan Takahama (‘Nyx no Lantern’, ‘Yellowbacks’) Miki Tori (‘Tōku e Ikitai’, ‘Kuru Kuru Kurin’) Saki Nakagawa (‘Attack on Titan: Junior High’) Takumi Nagayasu (‘Ai to Makoto’, ‘Sara’) Yoko Matsushita (‘Descendants of Darkness’) Yuki Midorikawa (‘Natsume Yujincho’, ‘Akaku Saku Koe’) Kenichi Muraeda (‘Kamen Rider SPIRITS’, ‘Oretachi no Field’) Yusuke Murata (‘One-Punch Man’, ‘Eyeshield 21’) Mayumi Muroyama (‘Asari-chan’, ‘Dororonpa!’) Kozueko Morimoto (‘Gokusen’, ‘Kōdai-ke no Hitobito’) Kanji Yoshikai (‘Reset Game’, ‘Omoide no aji – Tairiku Shokudo’) Mine Yoshizaki (‘Kemono Friends’, ‘Sgt. Frog’)

  LINKS SMA9 RULES & REQUIREMENTS SMA-EX2 Results (Last time round) A-Z Guide to Enter Submission Agreements Editor’s report: KUMAMOTO 

“Illustration Award” Please Enter from here.

Mayuna Mizutani

Mayuna Mizutani