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Shinan says…"The Perfect Compliment " 

アバター Penmaru 17/12/2020 3 min read
Being a mangaka requires the artist to play to his or her strengths. Sometimes it’s a challenge for artists to see the difference between what they enjoy, and where their talents lay. For instance, someone who loves listening to heavy metal doesn’t necessarily mean they play the guitar. Or that a person obsessed with Manchester Utd will pursue a career as a professional football player.  Everyone has a strength, something they are good at that comes naturally to them. 

“What manga story can best exhibit your unique strength?” 

This is a very important question for editors when discussing concept ideas with mangakas. The manga industry in Japan is very competitive, so this vital question must be answered to ensure artists can stand their ground and create memorable works that get noticed.  Arai-sensei plays to her strengths. Her delicate style is executed with refined subtlety, guaranteeing heartwarming feelings from her readers with a charm that is grounded in reality. 

Story and visual execution that perfectly compliments each other. 

It’s a style that wouldn’t be appropriate for a fantasy battle manga, but it’s perfect for a slice of life seinen with a more mature reader. A slice of life of a specific lifestyle would bring out the seriousness of her tone and heartwarming dramatic stories will bring out the charming expressions and feelings Arai-sensei can deliver with her art.