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KIDS stronger than MONSTERS!? From the DETERMINED Malaysian creator, the RPG food manga! – Hello Award Winners #13 Purplewurks Faiz

Enrico Croce Enrico Croce 25/09/2017 10 min read
Malaysian manga creator who turned a child play into REALITY! A manga made for FUN when he was a kid is now published in his country! The SNS mangaka pro! Will his fan-base become bigger thanks to the support of the SMA Community (the creators, the readers and the editors)!? HELLO, Purplewurks Faiz!
  “I’m still working on my childhood manga”   1) How did you begin creating Manga? I liked “Dragon Ball” a lot when I was a kid, and I started to draw the characters with my friend as a hobby. From there, my passion for manga grew bigger day by day. Without noticing, I completed my first manga’s episode called “Deadzone”. It’s a self-published manga that I sell in comic events. It started as online manga uploaded on my FACEBOOK page, then when I saw the feedback quite good from the readers, I make the print version. I’m still working on this project, using different styles.     2) What is your working environment like? Are you an analogue or digital person? Any unique tools you use to draw? I work at home as a freelance comic artist. I prefer digital than analogue because it’s easier and faster for me to make any corrections. I use “Wacom” tablet and “Clip Studio Paint” for drawing and “Photoshop” for touch up and editing.

Purplewurks’ work place!

  “Only a minority of the Malaysian artist are doing comics/manga as professional.”   3) Anything the world should know about where you live? Interesting events/sights/foods/culture etc? I’m from a small town called Pekan Meru, in Selangor – Malaysia. Majorities of the residents here are Javanese, and I am half Javanese too. The most popular local food is Nasi Ambeng (rice with chicken curry or chicken cooked in soy sauce) and Pecal (mixed vegetables in a peanut sauce dressing). You guys should try it. It’s delicious!   4) Popular comics/manga in your part of the world at this moment? “One-Punch Man” and “Boku no Hero Academia”.   5) Are locally created comics/manga popular in your town? Do you know any local creators? Not really. Most of the artists here are making comic/manga just as a hobby. Only a minority of the artists are doing it as their main job (like Nizam Bachok and the creators who are working in Komik Ajif). It’s hard to survive by making only comic/manga here. Sad, isn’t it?

Poster for the event “Comic art Festival”, with all the volumes of “Deadzone”, Purplewurks Faiz’s original comic!

    “The entry is based on my own experience. What a nightmare!”   6) Where did you find the inspiration for the entry? From video games (like Radiata Stories) + my own experience.   7) How long did it take to create the entry? Two weeks.   8) Is any part of the story based on an experience of your own? Yes, it’s based on my own experience. It happened when I was around eight years old. My dad brought me to a food court for breakfast. The chicken curry I ate there was bad and made me sick. It took me about a week to fully recover. What a nightmare.   9) Why did the turtle put salt in the Tom Yam Crab? The turtle wants to take revenge to the chef for not raising his paycheck.   10) Oh! Did you leave some elements in the story to make the reader aware of his low salary’s situation? Well, he doesn’t wear any clothes like the other staff… Ahahah!

The guilty! The turtle!

  11) I see! And what can you tell us about the relationship between the girl and the big monster? The monster was hired by the little girl as a transporter to take her to the restaurant. As a reward, the monster gets his favourite food, a lollipop. (Don’t ask me why it has to be a lollipop…)

Even a big monster has a weak point! ;D

  12) Which SMA7 entries do you like? “Grandma’s Flavor” by EUDETENIS from Brazil. I like the story, and the way they present/show the characters’ feelings. It’s great!    
  “If you like my art style, please support me following my SNS pages!”   13) What do you want to do from now on? I want to sell my comic worldwide, and if possible, turn my comics into animation/anime movie. Also, I’m working on my SMA8 entry at the moment! I want to upload it as soon as possible!   14) What do you expect to achieve by taking part in SMACommunity – the fans, readers and Japanese pros? I’d like to share my artworks to everyone and look for job opportunities.   15) Anything else you would like to share with the community? Hi, my name is Purplewurks Faiz. You can check out my artwork on my Facebook, Instagram and DeviantArt pages. If you like my art style and want to see more, please support me. I will start doing my original comic/manga on Patreon as soon as possible and hope it will get a positive response from everyone. Thank you!
Thank you too, Purplewurks! We are thrilling to see your next Silent Manga! Your determination will surely repay you. Keep on fighting for your future as a professional manga artist! Remember that the shortcut for the success passes for the SMA manga competition! You and all our Community can still join the SMA8 until September 30th! Just click on the pic below to get all the information you need! See you next time! Bye bye~
Enrico Croce

Enrico Croce