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Application terms

If you are awarded a prize, you irrevocably assign and transfer to COAMIX and its licensees and assignees all copyrights, including all rights under Articles 21 through 26, Article 27, and Article 28 of the Copyright Act, and other rights in the submission without further compensation.

Regardless of whether you are awarded a prize, by participating in the SWA, you grant COAMIX Inc. and its designated licensees and assignees the irrevocable, non-exclusive right to publish, use, adapt, edit, translate, alter, arrange, transform, and modify your submission, including publishing, use in movies, and displaying your manga on the internet, for any purpose and in any context, alone and in conjunction with any other material. You also agree to allow the use of your name, age, country, and other information you provide in connection with the SWA without compensation, and you agree not to assert any moral rights against the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® Committee, its licensees, or assignees.

Regardless of whether you are awarded a prize, if your participation results in the decision for a script writing serialization (“script writing serialization” refers to a manga series based on the submitted work and the author’s involvement in crafting the story of said work, leading to the creation of a finalized “serialized work” by combining your written story with artwork produced separately by us or third parties), both parties will negotiate and enter into a contract stipulating the payment of compensation for script writing serialization. This contract will also specify the transfer of copyright and other rights of the serialized work to our company, our licensors, and assignees.