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アバター Penmaru 14/10/2016 13 min read
SMA MASTER CLASS, the future manga stars from SILENT MANGA AUDITION®. In this series of interviews we’ll uncover the the secrets to their manga creations! This week’s MASTERCLASS is the master world builder, Roberto F.! He’s entered SMA multiple times and won his first GRAND PRIX Runner up in 2015! We’re always stunned by his rich and developed worlds. Let’s find out what how he makes those worlds together!
INTERVIEW WITH ROBERTO F. 1. What’s your work space like? Do you usually play music when drawing? I work in my room, it is a messy place however organized, I always know where to find everything. I listen music when I work, the music helps me forget that I’m home. Of course I love Tokyo Jihen, Shiina Ringo, Também adoro, Do as infinity, Tsukiko Amano, Me-Al Art, Gesu no Kiwami Otome, Red Hot Chili Peppers, No Doubt, Pentatonix, System of a Down, Laila Garin, Luiza Possi etc… generally I like all their songs, but between I hear there are countless musicians and styles, from classical music until dubstep. These days I’ve been listening to K-pop, Dubstep and Game-Music, are lively and help me work! A month ago I was listening very Eurodance … hahaha! weird, huh 😎 ?
Ordered chaos, that's what Roberto likes.

Ordered chaos, that’s what Roberto likes.

  2. What kind of tools do you use and which is your favorite? Let us see it! Mechanical pencil, pencils, brushes, blue graphite, liquid paper, ink white, and several pens.
07ph _ The main tools here are pen ink 0.05-0.03,mechanical pencil 0.3-0.2 and super japanese rubber

Roberto’s main weapons: Komikeshi erasers, Copic multiliner pens, Pigma micron pens, Kuretake No. 14 Pocket Brush Pen, among many others.

  3. Tell us about how you schedule your creations! How long does it take for each step in the process? Which step is your favorite and least favorite? I usually work at night and early mornings, but recently I changed my schedule to work in the morning and stay awake during normal business hours. I usually linger about 4 hours to do a full page. My favorite process is to design, draw and make art final ink, I do not like to trace measures, line panel and balloons.

Wow! Look at all those sketches and plans.

  4. Tell us about your preferences when creating manga! I usually start with a scrawl marking some limits silhouette, just after eyes and mouth are key to guide the expression for the rest of body. When I exercise my drawing style I try to draw things difficult for me, but when I practice in my sketchbook I just drawing things I like.
A baby practicing martial arts?

A baby practicing martial arts?

  5. Tell us about your preferences for manga storytelling! I want to make stories that really show the emotions of characters and it also explore the world background. I think the better examples of good background story are: Metal Gear Solid (Game), Game of Thrones (series) and Cast Away (movie). I just think everything should harmonize and keeping the pattern.   6. In your manga in SMA4 “PLAY,” was the model of the lady Shiina Ringo? That’s right! I love the songs her and her former band “Tokyo Jihen”. Shiina Ringo’s music did inspired me on a difficult part of my life. I have a lot to thank the “Tokyo Jihen”. The “PLAY” manga was only a small tribute, but I was very happy to do!   7. Where there any people who encouraged your passion? My aunts and grandmothers always encouraged me, the main reason of my evolution was I never thought that I could not. I do not have much contact with them but unfortunately a grandmother died and other aunts live far away 🙁 . If I stopped to be self-critical when I was drawing badly, I could have given up. …and technically, I try to decipher techniques to improve my skills, currently the Internet helps me a lot!   8. Do you have any other skills or experiences that help you create manga? I draw since I was a child and always studied alone. At 16 I studied at the “Maestro Fego Camargo” school of arts for three years. This really helped my artistic evolution. I also play RPG (Role-playing game) for many years, this is the main reason for me being a storyteller! The most interesting that I’ve played are D&D (Dungeons & Dragons), Digimon (RPG adapted), Marvel & DC heroes, Resident Evil, Silent Hill end Naruto. Also I played an RPG about the story I’m writing to SMAC!, but I am suspect to eulogize it! hehe! ^^ 🙂 .   9. Do you have a favorite manga and creator that influenced your creative style?
What a selection of manga. Everything from “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” Dragon Ball,” and “Tokyo Mew Mew.”

What a selection of manga. Everything from “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” Dragon Ball,” and “Tokyo Mew Mew.”

  10. Have you received any useful help or advice from the editor? Yes many times! In SMAC! every production step is the editor support. When I lose story perception a little bit, Taiyo gives me a light. Always using technical rules.   11. Are you planning any future projects? What genre would you like to attempt in the future? I think about many things for my future projects, but I am focusing only next step. Now my plan is to finish in good time my first chapter of my manga to SMAC!. Houseki would be 50 years after the same story I told in RPG and most of the elements were tested and mature RPG ^^ v 😛 . For many years I have been developing gradually “Houseki”. When I created, I thought of settings that enrich the series, as collectibles factors, diversity of personalities, contrasting emotions etc, planned the story on that basis and changed numerous times.
Wow! This all started from a RPG!

Wow! This all started from a RPG!

Here’s a preview: …In a world where magic stones called “houseki-sama” are synonymous of power, wealth and divine …. several groups struggle to maintain power or to maintain the stability of the world … As red samurai – the 12 women army – The army of blue ribbons – the branched heavenly army – The esgástulos and their armies mechas- (Ergástulo has no translation yet haha 🙂 ) and you end fighting alone, which side do you part? !! buy pre sale now!
How is this character and world going to develop? No RPG will tell us.

How is this character and world going to develop? No RPG will tell us.


Roberto’s self portrait

Roberto F. From Brazil

SILENT MANGA AUDITION Round 3 – The Excellence Award Winner


SILENT MANGA AUDITION Round 4 – Grand Prix Runner Up Winner



Thank you for your time Roberto senpai! Your passion drives us all! We’re looking forward to seeing his next series on SMAC! Web Magazine. Stay tuned with us to get the latest information! Who’ going to be the Master Class member? It could be you! Enter SILENT MANGA AUDITION® today! Your talent inspires us all! Credit: Interview by Sayuri Kimizuka and Ken-Iikura-Gross