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Comic-ZENON Manga Audition” has been running since 2011, in parallel with the international “SILENT MANGA AUDITION”.
Well drawn and endorsed by the editors of COMIC-ZENON, we are sharing all 125 of them, here on SMAC!
We add them as they become available, please watch this space, they are all well worth your time.

No. Award Pen Name Theme : (Moment of…)
1 1.The Winner’s Award Rio Misumi Unexpected
2 2.Winner Runner-Up Shin Hotani Love at first sight
3 2.Winner Runner-Up Urata Izumi The First Kiss
4 2.Winner Runner-Up Yako Gureishi Separation
5 2.Winner Runner-Up Mako Oikawa Moving Movment
6 2.Winner Runner-Up Hinomiya Bursting with Smiles
7 2.Winner Runner-Up Maasa Kono Bursting with Smiles
8 2.Winner Runner-Up Luka Kobayashi Romance
9 2.Winner Runner-Up Chiharu Ooshima My heart twinged!
10 2.Winner Runner-Up Reiji Nakajima Bursting with Smiles
11 3.Excellence Molico Ross Rage Exploded
12 3.Excellence Yuushi Hashimoto Bursting with Smiles
13 3.Excellence Yami Kurono Bursting with Smiles
14 3.Excellence Teruteru Boushi Bursting with Smiles
15 3.Excellence Takahiro Nagahashi Bursting with Smiles
16 3.Excellence BABAPu Bursting with Smiles
17 3.Excellence Sumomo Fuyui Bursting with Smiles
18 3.Excellence Asa Kuwayoshi Crying the heart out
19 3.Excellence Akira Hinata The heart moved
20 3.Excellence Ruri Kamino Bursting with Smiles
21 3.Excellence Saya Koda Being Tearful
22 3.Excellence Maki Kurokawa Bursting with Smiles
23 3.Excellence Seira Bursting with Smiles
24 3.Excellence Tatsuya Aoi So Impressed
25 3.Excellence Koushin Mikami Separation
26 3.Excellence Tsubasa Aomine Being Tearful
27 3.Excellence Kuniko Ogawa Bursting with Smiles
28 4.Excellence Runner-Up Meme Oohashi Determination
29 4.Excellence Runner-Up Isago Sugiya Fallng in Love
30 4.Excellence Runner-Up Fuyume Bursting with Smiles
31 4.Excellence Runner-Up Ingiriz Bursting with Smiles
32 4.Excellence Runner-Up Yukiko Nozawa Bursting with Smiles
33 4.Excellence Runner-Up Koji Murata Bursting with Smiles
34 4.Excellence Runner-Up Nakine Nekosora My heart twinged!
35 4.Excellence Runner-Up Namiru Matsumoto Being Tearful
36 4.Excellence Runner-Up Himuro Being Tearful
37 4.Excellence Runner-Up Shinobu Sato Bursting with Smiles
38 4.Excellence Runner-Up Neji Bursting with Smiles
39 4.Excellence Runner-Up Apo Akashima Being Tearful
40 4.Excellence Runner-Up Tatsuhiro Kurokawa Bursting with Smiles
41 4.Excellence Runner-Up Misuzu Kanekawa Bursting with Smiles
42 4.Excellence Runner-Up Rurito Pain in my heart
43 4.Excellence Runner-Up Otsufumi Senri Heart went pit-a-pat
44 4.Excellence Runner-Up Seira Bursting with Smiles
45 4.Excellence Runner-Up Hiyo Ugetsu Bursting with Smiles
46 4.Excellence Runner-Up Hoozuki Courage
47 4.Excellence Runner-Up Kento Kighuchi Being Tearful
48 4.Excellence Runner-Up Yuna Saito Fallng in Love
49 4.Excellence Runner-Up Shino Fallng in Love
50 4.Excellence Runner-Up Ryota Irikiku Romance
51 4.Excellence Runner-Up Subaru Bursting with Smiles
52 4.Excellence Runner-Up Wataru Kishita Fallng in Love
53 4.Excellence Runner-Up Masahito Bursting with Smiles
54 4.Excellence Runner-Up Atomirain Love at first sight
55 4.Excellence Runner-Up Yuko Yaso Being Tearful
56 4.Excellence Runner-Up Yutaka Yuki Bursting with Smiles
57 4.Excellence Runner-Up Riri Toka My heart twinged!
58 4.Excellence Runner-Up Chukyo Being Tearful
59 4.Excellence Runner-Up Fuuma Crying the heart out
60 4.Excellence Runner-Up Itsuki Bursting with Smiles
61 4.Excellence Runner-Up MIYAKE Crying the heart out
62 4.Excellence Runner-Up Shiki Sanuki Being Tearful
63 4.Excellence Runner-Up Eri Kida Bursting with Smiles
64 4.Excellence Runner-Up Ichito Amato Bursting with Smiles
65 4.Excellence Runner-Up Miya Takenaka Heart went pit-a-pat
66 4.Excellence Runner-Up Shinobu Sato Bursting with Smiles
67 4.Excellence Runner-Up Hiiro Mochizuki Bursting with Smiles
68 4.Excellence Runner-Up Leona Oda Being Tearful
69 4.Excellence Runner-Up Wakaba Kato Being Tearful
70 4.Excellence Runner-Up Tenkazuro Aoarashi Bursting with Smiles
71 4.Excellence Runner-Up Ebizuki Bursting with Smiles
72 4.Excellence Runner-Up Roman Kurita Bursting with Smiles
73 4.Excellence Runner-Up Mikisawa Bursting with Smiles
74 4.Excellence Runner-Up Ao Hisatani Bursting with Smiles
75 4.Excellence Runner-Up Mikoto Kanzaki Being Tearful
76 4a.Excellence+Promote Anzu Yakumo Bursting with Smiles
77 5.Honourable Mention Keiko Nakamura Loss
78 5.Honourable Mention Yomogimogi Scored!
79 5.Honourable Mention Jin Sunakawa Loss
80 5.Honourable Mention Akari Separation
81 5.Honourable Mention Saboten Shimotsuki The First Kiss
82 5.Honourable Mention Tsuchiko Tosaki Feeling Happiness
83 5.Honourable Mention Ujo Being Tearful
84 5.Honourable Mention Hiroyuki Oosawa Courage
85 5.Honourable Mention Moca Kashiwa Bursting with Smiles
86 5.Honourable Mention Shery Takaha Bursting with Smiles
87 5.Honourable Mention Akamaru Enomoto Romance
88 5.Honourable Mention Hainike Asahi Feeling Engergy!
89 5.Honourable Mention Kotoha Bursting with Smiles
90 5.Honourable Mention Yuuki Determination
91 5.Honourable Mention Araigumakun Love at first sight
92 5.Honourable Mention Amakara Love at first sight
93 5.Honourable Mention Yukito Bursting with Smiles
94 5.Honourable Mention Sumomo Fuyui Bursting with Smiles
95 5.Honourable Mention Yasuto Saki Bursting with Smiles
96 5.Honourable Mention Yoshiaki Abe My heart twinged!
97 5.Honourable Mention SAIGOH Being Tearful
98 5.Honourable Mention Sho Aiyama Bursting with Smiles
99 5.Honourable Mention Matsuri Sando Bursting with Smiles
100 5.Honourable Mention Makiko Maeda My heart twinged!
101 5.Honourable Mention Tatsuhiro Kurokawa Maximum Rage
102 5.Honourable Mention Tano The heart moved
103 5.Honourable Mention Izumi Kawanami Crying the heart out
104 5.Honourable Mention Shiki Sanuki Bursting with Smiles
105 5.Honourable Mention Chika The heart moved
106 5.Honourable Mention Gaju Taketomi Being Tearful
107 5.Honourable Mention Yoshi Sato Maximum Rage
108 5.Honourable Mention Hiroki Minazuki Heart went pit-a-pat
109 5.Honourable Mention Risa Futami Heart went pit-a-pat
110 5.Honourable Mention Shu So Surprised
111 5.Honourable Mention Mana Mukogawa Bursting with Smiles
112 5.Honourable Mention Saya Koda Bursting with Smiles
113 5.Honourable Mention Dain Sato So Surprised
114 5.Honourable Mention Atsutaro Bursting with Smiles
115 5.Honourable Mention Misao Maximum Rage
116 5.Honourable Mention Tsutsumi Ishikawa Bursting with Smiles
117 5.Honourable Mention hana. Bursting with Smiles
118 5.Honourable Mention Sora Amakawa Bursting with Smiles
119 5.Honourable Mention Watasaku Bursting with Smiles
120 5.Honourable Mention Kazura Sadaie Being Tearful
121 5.Honourable Mention Saya Nonoguchi So Impressed
122 5.Honourable Mention Maimu Kusariki Maximum Rage
123 5.Honourable Mention Mizoko Tsuno Heart went pit-a-pat
124 5.Honourable Mention Hiromi Nakajima Being Tearful
125 5.Honourable Mention Mikoto Kanzaki Being Tearful