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The MAIL-ORDER PRINCE, Iida Yoshimi (Otoriyose Ouji) by SHIHO TAKASE

Alone at home, mail-ordered food, one happy meal♪


Iida Yoshimi, 26 years old, software engineer. Every Wednesday is a “No Overtime Day” at work, and he runs home as quickly as he can!!! That’s because Wednesday is the only day that he can make it home on time to receive his favorite “Mail-order” gourmet foods☆ At home, all alone, staring at the fresh delivery, his happiness is sure to please everyone 😉 (He has a real twitter account! Can you find it?)”

From the Editor

Men are said to be married to their jobs. Iida-kun is a typical example of this – an unsocial software engineer. He works long hours, and the only thing that gets him through the week is the thought of his mail-ordered gourmet foods. Old people say that young men today don’t have good “taste” in things. Let’s enjoy how he is quite the opposite, with his mail-ordered foods!
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