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Itsuya-San by MIZU SAHARA

Even in despair, there are tiny miracles around us…


From the artist of “The Voices of a Distant Star”, “My Girl” and “Tetsugaku Letra”, Mizu Sahara brings you another tale of tiny miracles! Substitute art teacher Itsuya-san has a somewhat mysterious power that she keeps a secret. She can breathe life into a drawing, and turn it into a real creature. After accidentally witnessing her power, junior high school student Toki uncovers an even bigger secret about her past…

From the Editor

Life is full of regrets – but tough times sometime bring you new perspectives. When things are at their darkest, the light of hope shines most brightly… The small miracles that Itsuya-san creates are a salve for turning pain into hope. With just a little help, the pains of the past can become the power to move forward. This manga is full of little messages. We sincerely hope that it helps you find the tiny miracles that are always around you.
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