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HANAKAKU: The Last Girl Standing

A cuddly little girl vs. The world of MMA(Mixed Martial Arts)!!!


Mixed Martial Arts(MMA)… The ultimate test of strength.
Hanaka – 142cm tall, Occupation: 1st year high school student… and martial artist.
Small and cute, Hanaka isn’t the type of girl you’d expect to see in the ring, but she desperately wishes that she could become stronger. Moved by the words “Anyone can become strong if they try”, she ventures into the world of female MMA…

From the Editor

Highly praised by One Piece author Eiichiro Oda!
Mixed martial arts events such as the UFC are popular all over the world. This story focuses on Japanese female martial artists in particular.
The author is an enthusiastic fan of mixed martial arts, who has watched many professional matches, and trained at an MMA dojo himself!!
Created with passion and thorough research, don’t miss this exciting adventure!
Should “HANAKAKU: The Last Girl Standing” be translated?