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We tiny humans live INSIDE a HUGE CREATURE.


“Wanokuni”, a country surrounded by high walls, with an enourmous tree in the center. Two brothers, Mana and Shino, live here in peace with their friends and neighbours. However, those peaceful days abruptly come to an end with the arrival of two mysterious women from the outside world… Suddenly, Wanokuni is under attack! With his friends dying around him, Mana discovers that Wanokuni is in fact a giant living creature, and that the enemy have arrived in another giant creature. Here the story begins… the brothers Mana and Shino face a great battle, which will decide the fate of their world! 

From the Editor:

The most amazing part of this story is definitely the original setting: the idea of a race of people living inside a giant creature.
As the story progresses, it gradually answers the many questions surrounding this setting, such as “What are these creatures?” or “What is the outside world like?” The spectacular battles between the giant creatures, the touching sibling love, and the beautiful drawings by Jun Shiraishi-sensei (an unbelievable level of quality from a rookie manga artist!) all combine to form a tale of epic proportions.
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